Monday, April 30, 2007


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Inigo Chamerberlin

Nicely done Hamlet. Trivialise the Project OpenLetter letter by linking it with a Romanian referendum (Romania for heavens sake!).

Then blatantly misreport Linden Lab's response by claiming that they have 'promise(d) to address the grievance in full'.

As you would know full well - IF you had read the Official Linden Blog post rather than simply parroted what your contact at Linden Lab told you to - Linden Lab's response to the letter was in fact spin - no promises to DO anything, except talk.

Which is a pretty foolish response on their part to what amounts to a vote of no confidence in the Management of Linden Lab asking for certain specific actions.

You really should check these things out personally before you post them you know?

Laetizia Coronet

Here we go again, first point of the petition to LL: "Sensible inventory limits (on non-verified accounts only)"
I'll sign that when hell freezes over. Can't people just ask LL to address the problem instead of this constant bickering about unverifieds? I have a shop and a stall, I need my inventory to run those places because I cannot sell what I do not own.
Maybe, just maybe, there are other possibilities to cut down on inventories, if you just try to look beyond the knee-jerk reaction about unverifieds. Maybe we can cut down on notecards, greeting cards, freebies. Maybe 'trash' should really 'trash' upon logout. Maybe for every item of clothing I make I do not need all the 'new shirt' items to be saved either. Maybe there is a way to make some items temporary, like notecards or the empty boxes from stuff you bought. Maybe there is a way to create 'fixed' inventories which do not travel with the Resident, for things you don't need all the time.
I can see where the unverified story is coming from, but please... try to think of other solutions to problems for a change. Stop pushing LL to deal with every problem through limitations of 'unverifieds'.

Before you start - I do not need to read replies about 'not willing to pay a mere...' I tried, and from this place in the real word, as it stands now, I cannot.

Laetizia Coronet - shop owner, 'NPI' and absolutely dedicated contributor to Second Life.

Laetizia Coronet

I have just discovered that my name is on the list of signatories. I would like to have an explanation as to how it got there, since I did not sign anything at all.

Hamlet Au

> We’re drafting a response to provide
> more details on the specific issues
> that were raised

That seems like a promise to reply to the points raised by the petition in full, Inigo.

> I have just discovered that my name is on
> the list of signatories

Interesting, Laetizia, I had noticed there isn't a verification process on the petition, so anyone can put any name on it.

Laetizia Coronet

The name has been removed, according to Cristiano. His full reply here. Just added here for the record.


There's a difference between a promise to respond and a promise to "address the grievance," implication being that Linden Labs has actually agreed to focus on remedying the problems in the letter, as requested by the signatories. Until the latter is achieved, the technological issues are still unaddressed and far from being resolved from the perspective of the people who signed. Ergo, no "progress." At best, LL has promised to think and assess. If that's what passes for "progress" and resolution in SL, getting Linden Labs to officially acknowledge and enter into a dialogue about resolving resident grievances, then we have a big big problem indeed.
This is not to say that LL is uncommitted and will not focus on the issues/problems raised _ahead of new releases_, but the LL communique is far from resolution. Also, the letter is still open and accepting signatures.

Hamlet Au

I didn't say it was resolved, Yvette, I'm just saying the ball seems to be in LL's court now. If their reply isn't deemed sufficient by a significant part of the community, we'll see if the ongoing petition gains more traction and collective support. (At the moment, with less than 3000 signatures, considerably less than 1% of the active user base has signed it.)

Inigo Chamerberlin

'Reply to' is NOT the same as 'address' Hamlet.

'Reply to' will be the usual Linden spin and waffle. Excuses about 'unforeseen growth' and such.
Hot air - no action.

To 'address' would mean DOING something.
Like saying, 'OK, fair enough, we'll stop laying on the new shiny and begin working through the issues and bugs you've raised'.
And you know as well as I do that isn't going to happen - not while Philip's at the helm.

And the percentage is not really relevant Hamlet - it's the names that matter. There are some very important people on that list - people who even six months ago wouldn't have dreamed of signing that letter.

Laetizia Coronet

There are some very important people on that list

Yeah, my name was on that list as well, and I never signed it. I hate to say this but we can't be sure of the names unless there is verification. Maybe in-world it is easier to pull it off.

Oh, and 'address': here's the Concise Oxford's take on it's meaning:

"v.tr. 1 write directions for delivery [...]. 2 direct in speech or writing (remarks, a protest, etc.). 3 speak or write to, esp. forrmally [...] 4 direct one's attention to. 5 Golf take aim..."

There is no meaning of address here which implies action or resolution.

Hamlet Au

Thanks, Lae!

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