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Thursday, April 12, 2007


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wow, i think this is beautiful. that is an absolutely gorgeous GORGEOUS expression of art in SL.

I would love to meet this character and I think it is all round amazing.

forseti svarog

Oh that is SO GREAT that someone finally made that duchamp painting in SL. It's also a favorite painting of mine, even if I don't like where Duchamp went later in his career, so I've long toyed with the notion of avatarizing it. I never got off my butt and DID it. Tasrill -- kudos and thank you for making my day.

Murphy Rau

I am still a n00b in world, but I have been amazed at the creative vision and talent that I have seen so far. Really eye-poppingly amazing. Thanks for acting as my tour guide Hamlet!


That's absolutely wonderful. I hope a wiener dog tiny (Balla - Dynamism of a Dog on Leash) is next! You've made my day.

Laetizia Coronet



amazing! id like to know how to make the body parts invisible to build artistic avatars like these.

Richard Oh

Is he the guy who came up with the caricavatars (caricatures of VIPs) island? Fantastic.

emilia van oortegem



Whoo Hoo! really cool avatars. Great work.


I love virtual worlds. Although I've never visited SL, I've always wanted to. The tentacled fox is tugging at me! Hmm, I "caricavatars" sounds interesting, too. I think I'll google it!

Jackson Felblade

I would like to do something like this one day. how'd you make your avatar?


Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 2) on3121


Grv Namirha

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