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Monday, April 30, 2007


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Mathieu basiat

you can email your Congreperson here, too:


Laetizia Coronet

Maybe last.fm is an option? It is highly customizeable.


This is the craziest part of the whole scheme: even if your internet radio station only plays non-RIAA affiliated independent artists who have given you the right to broadcast their work, THE RIAA WILL STILL CHARGE YOUR STATION PER SONG/PER LISTENER. It's up to the independent musician to pay to become a member of SoundExchange to collect their royalties, even if they didn't want the CRB / SoundExchange to collect them in the first place.

It's so flipping ass-backwards.


I still don't get what the RIAA has to do with european stations playing european artists?
somebody is in desperate need to face the reality and understand that internet is not the property of one single country.

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