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Thursday, April 05, 2007


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Haha...that was quite the confusing conversation just now!!

Love the ants by the way...

need a defense

ok quick question. what is the PODS used for? It says defense but defense against whom and in what situation and which environment. more info puh-lease.



Tectonic Nabob

The PODs are a defensive / offensive weapon system that I made a while ago. They're really only tangentially related to the ants.


The caption reads "Yes, _he_ looks like...". That should be "she". All ant workers are female, the males only live a few hours. Sorry to be pedantic, but as a true myrmicophile I feel strongly about this.


so can we go on this place with the ants in seond life? Can we teleport to this island if we have second life account and see the ants?

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