Monday, May 21, 2007


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Iris Ophelia

Skin looks like something from Insolence, Raspberry and Cow, or Daeskins. If she made it herself she should definitely open up shop. ^^


Nice looking avatar! No wonder you are looking for her. ;)

China Tracy

Hi, nice to read your new note about me "China Tracy", it's fun!

So Sorry my blog all in Chinese. Well, will try to use my poor english in future maybe.

My SL film now is editing, will finish soon that I can show you later. I will come to San Francisco July 1-2, hopeful we can chat in RL.


China Tracy

Patchouli Woollahra

Eh, I know PuTongHua. This girls' spilling her virtual guts out in PuTongHua.

if I'm around when you need a PTH Chinese translator, yell for me. I'd be delighted to help you comprehend the language.

Patchouli Woollahra

Tran-script/lation of China Tracy video clip:

"Hi, I'm China Tracy."
"I'm so sorry that I am unable to personally attend the China Pavillion Press Conference as held in Shanghai today."
"But I am happy to be able to visit you as my virtual self"
"As my RL avatar has too many committments to be able to personally come down to Shanghai"
"so she pressganged me into making an appearance to be with you instead."

"Actually, I am her, and she is me."

"Right now I'm hanging around in Second Life's Venice" (? Translator's note: this is probably her impression of the place - the name of the region is Teal as mentioned previously...? )

"Eventually you can also, through my journeys in Second Life..."

"And my new China Tracy Pavilion, participate in such marvels in Second Life as well."

"We are currently building, in SL's Italian region (or Italy region) a virtual garden..."

"Which will be home to a virtual China Pavillion" (<-- This is not a literal translation of the line, but a shortened gist version of it)

"Hopefully I will be able to meet all of you when the China Pavilion finally opens, whether in the real world or in Second Life."

"See You Later!"

Hamlet Au

Thanks much, Patch!

Patchouli Woollahra

Forgot to mention the first scene takes place in Teal region, where Jopsy Pendragon hangs out his shingle as a Venice architecture fan, a particlemeister and a l33t lampmaker.


The skin is Eve skin from Raspberry and Cow. A friend of mine has it too.

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