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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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Zoe Connolly

The Insatiable Zoe Connolly

Exploring the Virtual World of Second Life through the eyes of an obsessive compulsive heavily armed gunslinging girl, jazz club fan, and all around party avatar with attention deficit disorder. This blog is a photojournal of my SL metaverse travels, adventures, and misadventures. Currently exploring the "Steampunk" sims

Dalian Hansen


SLQ (slquery.com) is a complete search and data integration platform connecting the virtual and real worlds. SLQ infoBOX: the free notecard/prim driven catalog server. SLQ infoHUD: this powerful search engine includes a spell check, encyclopedia, and a wealth of external sources like blogs, amazon.com, wikipedia, and news feeds that are text driven, URL linked, and have pop-up display images. SLQ infoStation: just like the infoHUD, but unplugged for public use. Plus, it has a powerful SL to RL web-based IM system. Chat with anyone in SL even when you cannot log in. MySLQ: all your listings are automatically generated into a mini web page for display in your SL web profile tab. SLQ is fully integrated with SL Exchange (SLX) for listing products and searches.

Tyffany Flintoff

Your Goddless Goddess

Musings on Second Life - and how we'd all like it to be. Perhaps not for the faint hearted

Josh Levy

A Better World in Second Life?

A machinima documentary about activism in Second Life. I spend time with a handful of progressive activists doing work in SL to learn how it is being used as an activist platform, and whether or not activism in virtual worlds is effective.

DanteJones Laszlo


LA 2nd Life is maintained by Linux Australia members with the goal of making it easy for Linux an FOSS users to enjoy Second Life, and to introduce to Residents in SL the many benefits of Linux, Free and Open Source Software.

In time we hope it might evolve into one of the bridges between the Linux/FOSS community and the SL community, and lead to a less buggy, faster, full featured, better scaling and redundant Metverse.

M is for Myg

M is for Myg - http://mygdala.com is the SL misadventures of one girl searching for her identitiy (along with a bunch of friends). And a variety of SL tips and tricks. Imagine an interactive graphic novel blog and you're somewhere in the ballpark.

Theory Shaw

Will the burgeoning 3D metaverse really provide a platform for collective intelligence in design and in particular, architecture? We assume it will. This blog, however, is dedicated to exploring and fleshing out the specific measures, protocol, and tools necessary, within the metaverse and in particular Second Life, to make this ‘Wikitecture’ concept a reality.

Veyron Supercharge

I'm an Avatar, of course, from Second Life. I explore, shop, party, chat, flirt, tease, and generally get into trouble in Second Life. Pretty much cover it all, from sex, clothing, fashion, to philosophy and more sublime topics. Oh and a few techie tips now and then.

JellyBean Madison

Two actually...

Verbal Stew - http://dirtymonkeh.com/wordpress/
My SL blog for fash, gadgets, fun, and drama nahm nahm nahm!

Mean Girls Guide to SL - http://slmeangirls.blogspot.com/
An A-List Clique's How To For Life, Love, and Fashion in SL... a more *honest* alternative. We're just saying out loud what you Know you're thinking! Contributors: Rosie Shark, JellyBean Madison, Akasha Nyah, Laylah Mistral, & PetMe Petunia

Lowell Cremorne

SLOz is Australia's only dedicated SL news and community portal. We cover both Australian and international SL stories and events.

Thanks for adding ;)

Vint Falken

VintFalken.com, for your daily dose of off-line grid drama. ;)

down the right column

Slash me only sees ads there? *confused*

Laetizia Coronet

A Virtual Village Voice is my blog. I blog about the 'political' side of SL with occasional forays into cars or sims that I like or dislike (let's be honest... writing about things you dislike is funnier!)
Latest entries include a visit to Phat Cat and musings about age verification.

A Virtual Village Voice


The Fountain

Religion in Second Life, with a Muslim focus. Read how legendary Taras Balderdash, founder of the Avatarians who features in the SL Official Guide, has stirred up a hornets nest following his comments about Islam, provoking SupportforHealing's Zafu Diamond to announce his resignation from the Avatarian group.

Tiessa Montgolfier

All Things Tiessa:

Well, it *is* all about me you know :) Its my personal slice of Second Life. Right now, the major feature of the site is my ongoing memoirs featuring how my life is really like a sitcom.

The memoirs are called:

Mistress Strangelove or : How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Kinks

The (Mis)Adventures Of A Reluctant Mistress


Mossie Mantis

Mossie Designs in SL


A RL graphic designer's blog detailing her art experiences in her studio and gallery in SL with art talks and reviews of fellow artists and gallery owners.

Fanley Beaumont


News From Italy, Europe, World...

TD Goodliffe

You've linked to us a few times and vice versa, but we seem to have missed being in your sidebar, so here's the details:

VTOR - Virtual TO Reality:

Group blog focusing on business and events in Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and MMORPG like Second Life (SL), World of Warcraft, Everquest and others, gaming, Linden to real world exchange, money, finance and more.


Living in the Metaverse
Fenomenology of our living in the virtual world. How we deal with it, how it develops, relationships between humans and their avatars, sex, romances and friendships in metaverse (both exclusive to SL and combined RL and SL), community affairs, politics and strategy towards RL institutions....

Zoe Connolly

Second Life Blogosphere

Showcasing the growing community of Second Life Blogs and Bloggers.

Kalisten VanDornan

Touring Info: a site of SL places worthy of a visit.

Also find: tips for newbies, videos on building and other How-To, Second Life Etiquette, Top-Rated sims, news sites, job and employment sites, and SL search engines. RSS feeds for all and for topic-specific items.

All compiled by your hosts, Kalisten VanDornan and DiGi Zeta. :) Come by and let us know what you think!

Kalisten VanDornan

Erp: the URL for SL Trip Tips is:



Gianna Borgnine

Insight from the desk of Gianna Borgnine, SL Brand Strategist

Covers the happenings of the Second Life metaverse especially relating to business in Second Life. Offers marketing advice and tips on good branding in relation to Second Life. Provides reviews of brands and new features.

Kate Amdahl

The Winged Girl Blog, all about second life culture, vocabulary, sex, play, fun, and meaning. Why voice will not kill text chat, how to have sex in Second Life, the complete history of a failed attempt to muster Resis to fight griefers, and more.

sharon b

Mindtracks is used to track my interests in Web design, network literacy, and digital culture. I am interested in how the web may be used by visual artists. As of May 2007 I started to poke around Second Life. I also teach in a Computer arts studio at university.

For anyone who is interested in making things, or how we represent ourselves, Second Life is a fascinating and complex experience, so now I am exploring Second Life too and documenting my reactions along the way. So far I have decided that with my combination of interests Second Life has the potential to be a serious addiction.


My new blog is at http://jennyfurperegrine.wordpress/com and is titled the Virtual Jennyfur. Its about whatever I feel like writing about pertaining to Second Life and my personal life.

Bieneff Bruder

SLake promotes Second Life events and projects that appeal to the mind and spirit.

Bieneff Bruder

... And SLake's URI is http://blog.ravewalla.com/

EnCore Mayne

personal observations of the ongoing horror that is second life


Forums dedicated to the business aspects of Secondlife. Verification program for businesses and individuals as well as a free @talksecondlife.com email address and free blog.



Marshall Sponder


I often talk about Second Life issues, particularly Second Life Metrics on my blog www.webmetricsguru.com.

It's mainly a Web Analytics blog - but I've expanded the scope to include Second Life and maybe 1/5th of my posts lately are on SL.

Keishii Roo

My store's blog, where i post about my releases and my point of view on what happens in my SL and others too.

Distant Signals

Ideas on virtuality in general, but blogged as SL avatar and often based on SL experiences.


Ana Lu

Travels around SL, fashion reviews and thoughts from a portuguese girl



Whacked-out encounters while stoned in Second Life.

Azreal Rubio

howdy Hamlet 2 linkys for you

confessions of a virtual architect - My Blog


The Official Out Of Time Architecture site

Chip Poutine

the prion design group is an architectural atelier in the online world of Second Life® founded by Chip Poutine, author of Virtual Suburbia and contributor to 3pointD.com

our new site is at www.priondesign.com - part portfolio, part designer's notebook, and part linkdump, this site is intended to showcase our works, provide a scrapbook of design ideas in SL's architectural community, and feature resources for builders.

Dan Miller

The Economics of Virtual Worlds

As the name says, this is a blog on the economic dimensions of virtual worlds (not just Second Life), maintained by Dan Miller, an economist at the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress.

Nothing fancy, just the occasional news story that has implications for government policy or explores economic aspects of virtual worlds.

dannyboy lightfoot


The blog of Silverscreen, a multi-purpose event and exhibition venue developed and managed by Picture Production Company.

Silverscreen opened to the public in March 2007 with the launch of the "300" movie expo, following a live Q&A with the talent behind the film.

Jaymin Carthage

Coming soon:

Seeking business value from investment in virtual worlds on the 3D internet

The emerging field of immersive 3D environments on the internet has proven compelling for users and attractive to business. Find here our thoughts and opinions on this new environment and how, or if, return on investment can be found for companies in these virtual worlds.



Under the motto "Evolving Metaverse" i write this blog about my own and Accident Designs experiences in Second Life. I try to look at overall aspects from a new perspective and i provide technical information on the projects i am currently working on. Right now for instance im writing a post about how my first sclulptie's came to life through the use of blender.


Check it out!

Tish Shute

Ugotrade is a "mixed reality" blog. I blog about Second Life and innovative uses of technology in developing environments. My uber example of a developing world is Second Life. I look at how virtualizing the world and virtualized worlds are keys to positive global development.


A Web Comic that explores realtionships and life's great mysteries from the unique journal-like perspective of a goth fashion model.


aemilia villota

Saving your SL Fashion Butt.

Weekly FREE Make overs.
Reader competitions and LOTS and LOTS of clothes!

Topher Zwiers

Through this blog, I'll be discussing:
→ general commentary on Second Life news relevant to educators
→ ideas for applying Second Life technology to learning environments
→ resources for facilitating Real Life education via Second Life.

Since I'll be writing this blog as I engage SL for the first time, personally, some of the early posts may be retreads of topics and issues others have already discussed or resources with which many experienced SL educators are already familiar. For experienced Second Life educators, I will be addressing current issues and events that may be useful, and hopefully, some of the ideas I have for applying SL to educational environments will be new, innovative and useful. For educators new to Second Life, the blog will be a chronological journal of my SL learning curve and experience; hopefully, documenting my experience may expedite your SL learning and exploration process.

PalUP Ling

My (and my students) blog about our experiences in SL.
We are from Oporto's University, Portugal, and we use SL in Communication Sciences classes.
Hope to see u there soon.


not mine but one i came across from feeder its new so i dont think its been given much attention but its interesting to see places this character has visited www.rigz.be is the address i dont know the owners details he is rigrunner rang on SL.

Talwyn Mills

As a relatively new Citizen in Second Life I've been astounded by the number of different role playing or activity sims available. The one problem I have noted is actually finding ones that are similar to my interests.

So I'm trying to put together a directory for these sims. Called the Adventure and Role Playing Sims Directory (ARPS Directory for short), it will be made available at various locations throughout Second Life to help new and old Citizens alike find new and interesting ways to spend their time.

For more information please see the official blog. A more detailed introduction is available here.

Letum Fossil

My blog,

What I see and what I think about and oh yea stuff from Second Life too.

Scarlett Niven

Digital Image is a fashion forward blog filled with photos, musings, happenings in SL!

voyeurism did not start off as a blog about Second Life, but now that i have taken up residency and beginning to explore and ponder in earnest about the implications Second Life has on evolving the design of learning environments and pedagogical strategies, i have been blogging and podcasting extensively my early thoughts on these and related issues in spatial cognition and adolescent discourse.

Nuschi Martynov // Second Travel

Busreisen in Second Life - Bus Travel in SL
Blog in German language with lots of great (and mostly fun) pictures.
Topics: Travel in SL, News, Tutorials


SL Conference post:



Giacinto Pessoa

A blog on the "philosophical" puzzles posed by virtual worlds and how they shade new light on old questions about identity and reality. Light-handed in style and based on real (second) life experiences.

Paisley Beebe

Live TV Show called "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe" this week at 6pmslt sunday featuring Circe Broom Venue Owner and Harroldthe Burral Charity Event Host and Organiser, and Cylindiran Rutabaga.
1/2 hour Live TV Show at Northpoint Broadcast by SLCN.TV


http://www.everythingtolive.com is a great new site that will rival craigslist.


Great Ways to Annoy People in the Computer Lab

Assign a musical note to every key (ie. the Delete key is A Flat, the B key is F sharp, etc.). Whenever you hit a key, hum its note loudly. Write an entire paper this way.

Before anyone else is in the lab, connect each computer to a different monitor than the one it's set up with.

Bring a chainsaw, but don't use it. If anyone asks why you have it, say "Just in case..." mysteriously.

More Jokes about:
http://w3.cantos.com/07/storaweb-701-wns6j/redirect.php?url=http://antonella-barba.oaiwuer.cn> antonella barba
http://w3.cantos.com/07/storaweb-701-wns6j/redirect.php?url=http://princess-dianas.oaiwuer.cn> princess dianas
http://astrologers-psychic.onepagefree.com/?id=5345&> teenagers-my
http://horaire-de.onepagefree.com> horaire de train sncf

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