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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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if you're looking for good sculpties - you should absolutely check-out Chip Midnight's head and Xenius Revere's couch, both visible on the main sculptie page here:




It seems that bananas will be the trademark of sculpties. The rest of asortiment are vases and guitars. Vases are somewhat expected, it is fun to make a nurb and then spin it all round. Guitars are nice peace of work showed at Nomasha Syaka. Some statues there, too, but it seems that we will wait for technology to develop in the hands of builders.

Laetizia Coronet

One wonders what to do with those multi-prim builds now. The market for 29-prim 'boxy' vehicles will eventually collapse. Just as I am almost done scripting and texturing my first own build... oh well, it was fun to do and I will use it proudly, although it will become a dinosaur sooner than later.


Oh way kewl Jamlet! Great to see this, I can't wait to observe and enjoy a veritable showcase of sculptiprims or sculpties as they are known!

Some may also be intrigued to know that we're holding an official Sculpties Contest; I've seen some lovely ones already, including an animated dolphin by Zen Zeddmore which I thot was pretty nifty!

Hamlet Au

Hey, my post's been GOM-ed by Linden!!1!1!one!

Cyn Vandeverre

I saw the nifty purple couch that someone made and is shown on the wiki -- but presumably, it can't be sat upon, due to sculpies being represented to the physics as a lumpy sphere? (I have played with the sculpies now in the Library, and if I have an apple about a meter high, I can't get closer to it than about a meter or so.)

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