Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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Paul Raven (aka Isambard Portsmouth)

I think Onder should trundle down to The Wastelands and play scavenging with the locals ... as soon as the devs have fixed the system which the last update borked, that is. Free-form RPG style: pick up bits of random junk, combine them into weapons, status symbols, more complex ingredients ... or just go head to head with someone in the trap-laden Arena of doom!

Rein Spire

If you ask me, Onder has to check out the basketball game in ballers city. Either he plays a game of horse, pics teammates to play 3 on 3 or shoots some 3-pointers with a burning ball - would be interested what he thinks!

Paul Raven (aka Isambard Portsmouth)

And only now, like a true dumb-ass, do I bother to check the backlist and see that Onder already gave The Wastelands a glowing (radioactive?) thumbs-up. Well, you can't fault a guy for evangelising about his home, now can you?


Maybe check out the SL militaries... nothing political, but the actual fights and training involved. Especially the Merczateers and the Alliance Navy.

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