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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


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Cyn Vandeverre

Alas, I haven't a specific suggestion, but I'd love to see reviews of fashions which are impractical or impossible in real life. There are many great architecture builds in SL which are improbable but classy, and I wish more of the fashion was likewise.

Iris Ophelia

You and me both, Cyn! In a world where anything's possible, we still insist on being fettered by RL physics. I'd love to write about fashions that break these barriers but right now they're very hard to come by. Drop me an IM if you have anything in mind on that subject, too~! ^^

Morgana Fillion

ROMA for the best in ancient sightseeing and togas!

boliver oddfellow

Might I suggest the weather sim, its got both a great beach and a killer ski lodge, you could do ski and surf fashions


Since she has the retro flight attendant look, maybe she should visit Abbotts Aerodrome and try out a few planes... or maybe go skydiving.


My suggestions:
* Wasteland
* Nakama
* Casablanca

tony maas

Calletta - home of the wayward artists and down at heel hobos.

Jaymin Carthage

On the topical side, I'd like to see her cover business wear. I just hosted a reception for a product (beta) launch and it was jeans and t-shirts everywhere. I'm determined to teach business people how to dress-to-impress in Second Life and it would really help to have a well researched article to point them at.

sean percival

search for r3mnant in world for a new "real world 2 in world" fashion example

Fiona Szondi

I second Jaymin's comment: businesswear for business events. I recently discovered two great women's suits: at Blaze (Power Suit) and Luminosity (Business Suit), however they are hard to come by. :O)


Hey, is that Saeya's bridge from Imogen? *waves to Iris*

I really like that photo shoot, now first of all, I'm very curious who made your flight attendance outfit and the suitcases. All look very detailed and a fyne ensemble! Perhaps if those suitcases are mod, as you travel 'round the Grid, you can stamp 'em with piccies from your 'splorations?

Well then, I'm going to have to recommend that you check out some of the burgeoning Japanese developments. There are colorful blogs like the Ameba one which make me wish I could read the language! Fun things going on, in-spirit with our internationalization.

Here are some suggested Japanese regions, some of which have suitably atmospheric storefronts, and definitely superultra aesthetics:

* sick
* MeltingDots
* ameba (and the whole freakin' continent 'round it, good gosh, looks like SUNTORY is coming to SL!)
* Metabirds (and the regions 'round it too)
* I hear Chie Salome is workin' on somethin' kewl too, I don't know what it is yet

Happy travels! =^_^=


P.S. Chie tells me her plizzace = HappyDispatch, not to be confused with HAPPY DISPATCH... they're neighbors. HAR.



Give Dublin and the West of Ireland a try. Dublin has great music pubs, fun people, and shopping, very urban and hopping. St Stephen's Green has been the site of a number of fashion shows recently, as well. West of Ireland is more of a village (the other side of Irish life), with a friendly pub, great community, shopping, and an amazing surfing beach modeled after a RL spot in Ireland. WOI's is also raising money for a wonderful charity, Project Children.

In both places, you'll find nice architecture, fun and lovely fashions, and a bunch of great people.

Iris Ophelia

Wow, great responses, thanks! And the jaunty ensemble is from Bare Rose, badge from PanJen, suitcases from Designs by Szabo (I think :x) and yup, that pic was taken in home-sweet-Imogen!

Laetizia Coronet

Try Neufreistadt - an oldie but a good one, and they have great art nowadays. Pack your Alpine suitcase.
And if Cubvey Terra can promote his Abbotts (and a great place it is), I can promote Mariposa. Yes I have a shop there ;)

Isadora Jervil

Acropolis isle for hikes or jogs through the mountains wood and beach - a great sim where you can walk and talk....(auto tours guys are great)
Apollo - another great Garden sim as is Icarus with both heaven and hell... finally the ballroom at Avillion - A disney set available to everyone.

XinXin Yue

Nippon 'E' Estate. Beautiful design by Gwendolyn Fonck.

Ellen Spark

You are welcome to stop at the Long Beach Carnival and Amusement park if you have the time. There are more than one parks, so go to the train station, and take the train ride around Long Beach so you dont miss anything. It now extends to Short Beach, which is under construction.
ty :)) Ellen Spark

Pappy Enoch

Miz Iris, I wood be mighterly pleezed if'n yu cud find time ter visit the island where I lives. Jist search fo' Richmond; it am an island run by a unervaristy what give me sum squattin' rights.

Yu cud then ernjoy sum of hillybilly horspertalerty.

All my best regords,

Pappy (Gest Riter fer Mistopher Ignoramus' blob, ref'rinced abuv).

August Hayek

I think one of the more personable places with some sense of style is Mill Pond. There's a little community of artisans and fanciers, and it reminds me a lot of Provence.

I'm not affiliated with the area, just fond of it.

Arcadian Vanalten

I agree wholeheartedly w/ the above suggestions (I'm a hopeless sim hopper myself). I'd further recommend the isle of Mystery. Very nicely done sim w/ a sort of mythic Welsh village feel to it and gorgeous landscaping. Just my 2 cents' worth...


Would be useful if you provided a list of tp's for ALL these places whether they're visited or not. Sounds like some nice places here.

Valiant Strangelove

Well, of course I may be a tad bit biased, but I think your tour would be remiss without a stop at Laguna Beach Club. (No, not the MTV island or the TV show). This club offers a very relaxed beach enviroment with some of the best groups going. For example, talk to the Laguna Couch Club, or the Laguna Clams. These people promote a real sense of welcoming community and inclusiveness. Also be sure and check out the Shark Hut and sign the petition against shark finning and catch the wonderful live music of Dann Numbers, Maximillion Kleene, Fflewddur Lanfair and Dexter Moore -- the hottest live music performers in SL. What you WON'T find at LBC are dancing pools, nudity, escorts or camping chairs.

Valiant Strangelove

and of course that was dancing poles, not pools. Grrrrrrr


is it possible to make a sims 2 rapunzel skin... you know, hair past the knee?
i prefer black?
whats the way to mike it?
email me plz.... [email protected]


You can share some of your article, I'm like you write something, really very good! I will continue to focus on.

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