Monday, May 07, 2007


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Uh, question do the native sites contain camping chairs? I assume the corporate sites don't.

Tateru Nino

Not that I was able to see, no.

Hiro Pendragon

When doing random sampling, you need 100+ people to get any sort of accuracy, and that's still only 90% accurate. The margin of error for sets where sampling is 10 - 20 people on average is, well, low. Add to that the fact that 1 or 2 staff could significantly throw off the numbers. Consider that the clubs measured in the "native" sims often have camping chairs and multiple dancers and managers - all can be considered staff - and suddenly accuracy has gone out the window.

For example, the Weather Channel, which was "pretty much owning" (your words) your previous charts, is reporting about "17" per hour. Our own metrics system is measuring at levels of, on a low estimate, around 25 avatars per hour. The thing is, we don't measure it strictly by headcount, because it's so obvious that *length of stay* is just as, if not more, important.

Further, I'm wondering why this is called "mixed reality" headcount. I only count one reality - Second Life.

Hamlet Au

Hiro, would your company consent to allowing a third party bot collecting more extensive visitor stats and publishing them on NWN?

Hiro Pendragon

Hamlet, IVM might be open to the idea, but I don't speak for clients. That said, I would prefer a non-bot, because accurate metrics would require testing somewhat frequently - at least hourly, if not every 10 minutes or more. I wouldn't want a bot sitting around any of my clients' sims all the time collecting data, and I wouldn't want to think about how many bots it would take to do metrics for lots of clients.

That said, if there were good third party software, I would consider incorporating that into client builds.


I wouldn't mind to have a measuring bot on my land (two SIM's), NO Camping/Sex/Casino at all. We are right now (by our own measures) around REEBOK in weekly numbers. No company, just two (2) Sim's and one Salsa Club (Salsa en Cielo). The only question is, are you able to cover 2 SIM's and one Skybox (of 10.000 qm size in 650 m hight).



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