Monday, May 28, 2007


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IBM's site is frequently mostly by its own people. How does that factor in to comparing with outward-facing sites? And why is this "Tateru runs the hard numbers"?

These *aren't* hard numbers, they are estimates with large statistical margins of errors.

Your smugness of which you dismiss companies is based on shaky data. You and Hamlet are sounding like Shirkey.

Gary Hayes

Yes these figures are heavily skewed. Much better analysis is provided by looking at the dwell figures provided by the Open traffic numbers that everyone can see - vs some background methodology set up by a US time focused measurement system.

The Project Factory have been running brand measurements for the past two months available to all at http://www.theprojectfactory.com and that I referred to in a CeBit talk on this issue at http://www.personalizemedia.com/index.php/2007/05/06/brand-and-media-survival-guide-to-virtual-worlds-talk-transcript/

It is a nonsense to suggest these are hard numbers using SL time, the world is round (peak concurrency means US and Europe not Australasia for example - remember that part of the world) and sites like BigPond (with 11 islands and many sub-parcels) for instance have significant traffic (in fact one 4k plot here gets more traffic than than all of Pontiac put together in the last week!) - this is not reflected in Tatarus figures at all - so they are obviously flawed. I can check the TPF figures by going inworld and using search, I can't check Tatarus as they are far from transparent.

The LL traffic figures are not perfect BUT they are the only true way of comparing like for like and anything else will just be taken on trust.


Hamlet Au

Tateru did use LL's Traffic numbers, actually, for a chat she's been running the last several months before this. But that attracted about as many objections. Here at least actual Residents are being counted-- the "hard numbers" referred to in the subhead.

Tateru Nino

We started with those numbers, but they gave us much less useful results overall - the way they are calculated in the substrate reflects poorly on actual attendance and visitors - plus, they're gameable in a variety of ways.

Gary Hayes

So if they are gameable please tell us why the most traffic'd brand BigPond are not even on your list - see my image and comments on your next post.

Anyway at least I can see those figures and not take on trust - the future of the branded metaverse will depend on open, transparent metrics. Your methodology is neither and even more gameable.

Laetizia Coronet

not Australasia for example - remember that part of the world

To the best of my knowledge that's where Tateru actually lives, Gary.

Ancient Shriner

As someone that has what I believe to be the most advanced metrics capture and reporting tool for Second Life, I'm most curious to see where these 'Hare Numbers' come from. I know my software is rock solid and it doesn't come up with anything close to what you say, more so, I have 100% control of the Coldwell Banker land so I want to know how you put scripts/objects on Coldwell Banker property to get these 'Hard Number'. I think you guys blowing a lot of smoke, but it wouldn't be the first time.

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