Monday, May 21, 2007


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Cyn Vandeverre

I've looked at grocery store webpages, and used a service for ordering groceries; my impression is that their interfaces are awkward and with long lists because they didn't want to spend the money it would take to do it right. Friends who have worked in grocery store management say it's a very thin margin business.

That said, five years ago when I was using Peapod (delivered groceries) the interface was fairly useable, just not up to computer-person standards.

TIllery Woodhen

In an interesting side note, I was actually attending the trade show where Kraft announced the virtual supermarket. In RL, I work for a food industry trade magazine. So to see something from my downtime at something I was getting paid for was a little weird. I did sneak on at the trade show (they had computers set up for that) and transported to the market. Attending the show virtually and in person was a bit of a mix.

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