Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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jordan Bain

I happen to be a criminal. I have been banned twice, and recently embezzeled a large some of money. The security of ATM machines in TSL is a bit... lax, so to say.

Tateru Nino

I have no idea. Anyone?

Ordinal Malaprop

Tickboxes, Hamlet, not radio buttons, or everyone will go for number 5 or 6...

Storm Thunders

I've run into a couple Explorers - they're here for the eye candy.


You left out performer/artist.


yes - tickboxes, please.

and "explorer" would really make a category per se. there are also a couple of people who are interested on the politic aspect of SL - the anti-FN activists, former SLLA members, etc. most "SL-activists" I know are not in other social circles - maybe one or two are innovators or explorers also, I myself am a fashionista as well, but a lot of them are here only for the politics.

WalkintheWoods2007 Oh

Hope I understood correctly - 'None of those categories... I'm a... (describe in comments)'

OK then, I'm a... well actually I'm not really anything. I like the serendipitous aspects of SL... wandering around trance dance areas and finding things, Ideas and people I didn't even know I was looking for. Plus, my SL dancing is way better than my RL 'dancing' :)

Peace 2 all

Otenth Paderborn

I checked "other", largely because of the way you've defined the social gamers. I spend little to no time on the activities you've described (gambling, dancing, sex, gaming), but I do find SL an intensely social experience. Perhaps "social networker" instead of social gamer? I've spend a lot of time in Caledon, in various guises, and for me that's not RP, though it is close, but not close enough for me to pick RP. There, too, I would describe the attraction for me as social activity but not gambling, sex, or gaming.

JC Anvil

Hmmmmm! How to put a label on myself in SL?!?!? I am a builder, innovator, helper, explorer and a bit of a capitalist, but most of all I am a helper and enjoy the the somewhat level playing field SL provides.

JC Anvil
Bungalow Zone

Hamlet Au

Ah, the differences between UK and US English. Ordinal says "tickboxes" and I first picture a container to carry blood-sucking insects.

I'm fairly sure I can't change the format without borking the survey, alas.

Galena Qi

I'm an Explorer first and foremost. Poking around in the hidden caves, nooks and crannies of SL is my main activity. I'd love to be an Innovator, but I'm too busy in RL to be more than a dilettante.

Osprey Therian

[X] Troublemaker/instigator/catalyst


I'm a Connector and Maven! Like the Malcolm Gladwell archetypes. I also love exploring, and yeah, that would've prolly been my first choice of category if it were up on the big board, but since I've began Second Life, I've expanded to do many more things! :)

Hamlet Au

Hmm, I did think of adding an Explorer type category, but I decided that it was probably a smaller subsection of the Innovator category, for the Gladwellian reasons Torley hinted at. An Explorer goes out and finds cool content and highlights it on Flickr/Snapzilla/their blog/etc./chat channel so others can discover it. That's a kind of innovation, too, I think.

Or does that sound off? Do you think Explorers represent, say, at least 5 percent of the population, and thus their own category?

I'm on the fence here, I need some convincing. :)

Tateru Nino

The unfocus-group's verdict is in. Apparently, I am a catalyst.


[X]instigator/blogger/occasional jackass


curious, academic (ESL, Campus second life, future of online society, etc), game player (tech warfare, sailing, Go club -- no gambling). No land, no deposits.

Static Schultz

As Ida mentioned, Artists are left out of this. Now that's not to mean that we don't fit in a group or two of the broad ones you have listed, but we can tend to be more of a blend. I only picked the 'equal combination of 2 or more' option because I sat there deliberating for 5 minutes between fashionista and innovator and really felt no leaning more one way or the other.

But alas, if we continue to nitpick these groups and add new ones we may be opening that proverbial can of worms where anyone can just make up their own personal category and we end up with way more categories than is efficient to catalog.

And yes Ordinal, tickboxes would probably solve many of these indecision issues.


Primarily an Observer.

Patchouli Woollahra

@tateru: I think there's a little bit of the technocrat in there... but yeah, I personally believe you have a way of emphasising a person's biggest points in person. It's an interesting habit to say the least... if habit can be extended to behaviours that are clearly unconscious.

Personally, I've always tried to be a builder of the world, and a builder of people. I suppose being a volunteer ties into that partly.


I'm Baba! What more do you want?

Pappy Enoch

Tu be honest, an' I are nuffin' but honest, I are a reel-life hillbilly who dun got stuk in the fake wirld o' Secund Life. Howsumdoever, that cood make me:

Wun) A capitulerrorist: I makes Shine now in-wirld n' gives hit away,

Tu) A peerformunce artust: Like Miz Ida, I du wander about peerin' intu things like she suz, but I ain't so gud lookin' as she be so I gits into wun big heap o' trubbil every time, evun in the Sleezywood trailur park wif' rich folks what live thar,


Tree) Wun o' them-thar rule-players, 'cept whut I do hain't bound by no rules. Jist ax them cowpokes in Tombstone.

Y'all have a heck of a good Memorable Day in the reel wirld. I are stuk in Secund Life, as always!

Ada Radius

Artist, writer and capitalist; about equal amounts of time spent on each. The point of making money is to support the arts, but it's also fun. My "social circle" could also be defined as "dancing" or "sailing", or "shopping", since I occasionally do those things to wind down from other activities.

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