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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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I would say that in general the most important fashion choice is whether or not to appear human or "other." For most job type situations that aren't SL-centric, appearing as anything other than human can be offputting. What corporate interviewer would take seriously a bipedal dragon?

For SL-centric businesses, there are of course many more options.

For men, a suit is just always sharp. You can accent with wings, weapons, artificial limbs, whatever. But having business attire as the basis gives you gravitas.

Women, as in RL, have more options and flexibility. SL makes it too easy to play up the sexual aspects of your wardrobe and avatar. This does not always help in a business situation.

Ti Mosienko

This comment is in reference to the photo of the Feral ensemble. Mules can be fine for business attire - but if you are going to wear a sandal - I suggest you paint your toes. It's summer in North America, and there are plenty of toes showing everywhere. Pedicures can usually be found in the same stores that sell manicures, and can either be attachments or easy to wear sock items. It really adds to the look of the foot, especially when you have high quality footwear to show off.

Sequoia Hax

Does this mean we’ll soon be able to approach Microsoft or eBay at a RW job fair wearing a hot pink suit or Cyber Arm? Which would show not only that you’re no noob (or at least, that you have virtual experience), but that you can engage playfully with the virtual-real interface, which is a quality employers are presumably looking for. Expanding possibilities for RW businesswear via SL job fairs. I like it.

Iris Ophelia

A couple thoughts about pedicures, because it's definitely an interesting suggestion.

SL feet are quite hooflike and unless the skin designer made the pedicure they do not always line up, since the artist decides where the toes and toenails are placed. sachi Vixen of Adam and Eve sells manicures and pedicures with some of her skins which match up nicely, but most skin designers don't.

Also, the neko skin I'm wearing with Feral has no "makeup" on it at all, just bare skin and pelt markings. A pedicure would look a little out of place on it, in my opinion, but it's definitely a suggestion I will take into account for the future.

SL Name = Malcom Bricklin

This is Priceless Research - it is still very difficult to find (shop for) Business Attire in a V-World designed and built by users who make things for fun and entertainment.

Ekio Locataire

I am replying not only to the article but to a comment as well.

I love some of these choices. There are so many choices for women, so I'm happy to see some nice clothes for guys as well in this department.

As to the comment of showing up at an interview in a non human form. If a company is not ready to accept a well put together furry * canine, dragon, or feline* then they are not ready for SL. This goes also for drow, elf, and the other many forms of an SL avatar.So long as your avatar is well groomed and clothed, and your really what they are looking for, it won't matter.


ohhh as i see these well dressed people it reminds me to buy a new good looking tuxedo real quick and i now know a good place for that :) ty

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