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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


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Tateru Nino

Deep. Very deep.

Patchouli Woollahra

Did you try going into the Region/Estate settings for a few seconds to see if it forced a water level correction?

In any case, consider that this could have been filed as a Service Bug such as "Unintended flooding of Waterhead." Waterhead was never designed as a underwater region despite its name.

Laetizia Coronet

This being Ambleside one can wonder if some Lindens (with offices there, like Robin) wouldn't already have noticed.
I am curious though - can you actually use a boat on that water? And how would that look for others in the sim who do not experience this problem?

Laetizia Coronet

Oops, it's Waterhead... oh well.

Hamlet Au

It's happened to me in other sims, actually, so I suspect it's my 3d card or crappy wireless signal.

Philby Ames

Phew, glad the cause wasidentified, I was panicking global warming was hitting SL and warming the icecaps


Yes, clicking on Region under View should fix that underwater problem immediately.
Or maybe... Can you place your entire sim on a giant skybox platform and raise it that way??? No... I think clicking on Region will work better. The simplist choice is usually the best (per Occam's Razor)


As noticed, this reminds me of SL-29993, "Water is sometimes missing when teleporting into a region", which was considered to be resolved around the same time the Issue Tracker was introduced to the world. I used to hear about this all the time, now it seems like the residual hydro spirits have latched onto Jamlet! :O

And no worries about writing a repro. For example, my old one was pretty simple:

- TP from one region to another very quickly.
* Observe: Eventually, you'll end up in a region where the water's missing. Adjacent regions may show water, but it'll be cut off at the border.
= Expected: Water should not be missing.
> Workaround: World menu > Region/Estate makes it come back.

If it occurs with regular frequency, it'll be harder to catch, but nevertheless, we have some keen eyes out here! :D

TaraLi Ji

A good bug report is worth a huge amount to the developers. Date, time, and anything else you can report at the same time is good. Does a boat float on the water? How high is the water - fly until you're level and see how high you are (the Linux client displays your current location on the menu bar; I'm told the Windows client doesn't, but a flight feather definitely will). Does it ever happen when to TP into the region, or *ONLY* when you log in? Any clues you can give can only help. A million reports of "It's broke! Fix it!" won't do any good if the devel is never told what's broke and how it's broke! (Sometimes, it's not broke, it's supposed to be that way, and people don't realize it, as in the case of a bug report that a cube can't be more than 10 meters on a side...) Also, check the bug database for keywords like water, waterlevel, flooding - to see if someone has already reported it, and you can add some details (perhaps it always happens between 5am and 5:05am in the client's local timezone [remember the old joke about the patients always dying at 11am sharp in one room of the hospital?])


^ Tru dat!

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