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Monday, June 18, 2007


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Stacey Sugar

I know one player from Cayman Islands :D

Laetizia Coronet

In yer FACE Canada - the Dutch have beaten you! :P

Alexander Burgess

LOLZ, Laetizia! TY for that; needed it.


Oh great, now that the cat is out of the bag, where am I going to hide my ill-gotten Lindens?

Hehe Hamlet — now *that's* speculation... :)

Sometimes the answers are much more trivial than that :) The number of technologically-savvy people on those islands, as a percentage of the overall population, is considerably higher than the rest of the world. This also means that they are more likely to spend much more hours, on average, on the Internet. Why is that so?

The average user logging in to Second Life is, these days, close to the "mainstream" — not a computer expert, not an Internet guru. They have also a lower attention rate — they need to juggle between "figuring out a complex interface", getting enough things on SL to interest them for hours and hours, and, well, all the rest of the things that take your spare time — mostly, TV ;)

So as SL becomes more and more mainstream overall, it means that it'll gather more people, but they won't use SL as lot — it'll be something you just have there, installed on your computer, and competes for your limited attention.

On the other end, small (tiny!) countries, far away from the "mainstream" 21st century user with all those attention-seeking devices and things surrounding them, will have a much higher percentage of SL addicts/computer geeks, and these will obviously be a lot of time online. Also, these countries will have less mainstream users overall. So this is just an artifact of statistics.

So why is Canada, the Netherlands, Korea, or the US so up on the scale? This is again another statistical artifact. A "mainstream" user on any of these countries is, in fact, someone with a quite high level of computer-related expertise (even if they are not computer experts). This means that even what would be a "mainstream user" on other countries is, for these countries, someone who uses regularly a computer for entertainment purposes.

My bottomline is that statistical artifacts don't always point to an explanation based on semi-legitimate uses of SL ;)

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