Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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It#s static it first and takes a loooooong time until it animates. The bubbles appear when I click on it.

Can you elaborate on the animation part? From what I know is that you can use a script to only display part of a TGA, and the TGA itself consists of the different animation frames.

But how can the displacement map (that's what Sculpties are called in the real world) be affected by scripts?

Malachi Rothschild

That's incredible. I was talking to a friend a number of days ago about the potential in animating sculpties. It would be amazing to see a recreation of The Sorcerer's Apprentice as portrayed in Fantasia.

Cyn Vandeverre

I think I have a related bug to the horse-spheres one; I was looking at the submissions this morning and the female torso (next to the skulls) had some truly odd and unintentional looking effects on it-- all the pink stuff below.


Nomasha Syaka

Re: It#s static it first and takes a loooooong time until it animates. The bubbles appear when I click on it.

Shouldn't be static - had swithed off the anims to conduct some tests before. The animation is on-going. If this is a client side issue, then diff puters will see diff things.

Nomasha Syaka

I just wanted to add that Waster Skronski's scripting work was crucual to this and could not have been done without her.

Waster Skronski

'Nomasha Syaka has figured out how to animate them.'

this isnt entirely true. Waster Skronski whas the one that scripted it. (me)

Its a quite large amount of scripts at work here, the animation system is rather put together with glue string and duct tape.. ill promise to inpove on it the next couple of days. for the bubble effect it seems tobe client related.

i dont know if this the place. but if you plan to complian about this please specify your client [normal/firtslook] and your vidcard specifics.


I just checked again - it takes about a minute before it starts to gallop.


This is wonderful to see this accomplished already! The sphere-ing may be a client issue but it strikes me that it's just as likely to be a streaming packet loss problem. I don't know exactly how your script works but I'm betting it depends on all the displacement map textures *and* prim position updates downloading to the client correctly, and how often does that happen these days?

Gary Kohime


This is great!! fantastic job, am at work at the moment but intend to see this in sl as soon as I can. With sculpties, or at least what I have experienced with them so far (which is not a lot) :) the texture applied to the 'object' is or can be a pretty big challenge to achieve the desired affect on its "skin". Do you see the possibility of adding realistic fur in this case to your creation? Again, great job and thanks to all that assisted with this. Am looking forward for a sl view of this and the future of your endeavors.


diddle oh

um, to load textures before the script calls them you put hide prims inside with the sculpty texture as images on each face, this helps preload and keep them in the cache i think, thanks to nand nerd, hope it helps.

Gary Kohime

response to diddle oh...

Sorry I dont understand what your saying about hiding prims. Perhaps I know even less than I thought. Can you please elaborate? Thanks, Gary

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