Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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I'd love to see these in-world. Are they on display somewhere?

Anjin Meili

You should see where we are today with the tools... That foot is so clear now that people stop and stare and stutter things like WOW... The SnurbO'Matic is in use by 130+ residents, and the Simulator Terrain Mapping system has run on over 800 simultors.

The possibilites are endless...

Alastair Chamerberlin

Where can we stop by and see these things? Slurl?

Anjin Meili

Well, there are places in world, a SnurbO'Matic group.. Much of the code is Open Source as well. I have a sandbox in Talakin that I never remember the slurl for... But its obvious where my sand box is, littered with sculpted prims...

The idea is to find ways of working with a sculpted mesh from any source.. On grid or off, ways to envision the data and make it create the patterns we want. The in world editors I wrote to help me understand how to help the average user envision the mesh and in the end, create usable pieces from it. I feel this is an important step to creating a functional tool for the second life client itself. Due to not being able to create a finished texture on grid, my team created a functional backend to support users. We have charged for the usage to support its costs of operation. But the code to drive the inworld interface will be opened to allow anyone to modify, contribute, and help develop the best ways to interact with a sculptie mesh.

Our beta program is nearly full now, I am already having a hardtime keeping up with just showing people how to use it... And so much code needs to be written...

sean percival

cool stuff

here is the slurl


Vyrnox Ming

Awesome work, Anjin - it was amazing to see this in action. :)

LL should hire you.

Nexii Malthus

Could someone put up an online version of the source code? It is really a pain that most of the fabulous tools created on the Main Grid are impossible for us Teen Gridders to reach if you keep putting everything in-world only. I have a website where I could host the sourcecode. We would be grateful for such a marvelous tool.

Anjin Meili

Much of my released source code ends up on this forum. Contact me in game as well, I have no issues with releasing code thru a proxy for the teen grid.


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