Monday, June 25, 2007


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I'm not quite sure what being autistic has to do with any of this; I was waiting for that part of the story, but apparently, Hamlet, it's just a rather unethical, sensationalist hook. So, just 'cause you're a blog, you’re excused from following journalistic codes? That's pretty disappointing from NWN. "They shall not place unnecessary or gratuitous emphasis on gender, race, sexual preference, religious belief, marital status or physical or mental disability."
....Nice article, Tat.

Erbo Evans

I'd think anyone who'd ever seen the TV series "The Girls Next Door" on E! would get the essential idea behind the Playboy lifestyle, of which Hef is the true embodiment. The undraped female form divine is just part of that. Now, heaven knows I've no objection to divine forms, but Playboy really does offer more than that. The one issue I've bought of it--ironically, featuring a photo spread of the aforementioned "Girls Next Door," which my wife was interested in seeing since she'd seen the process of making that spread on the show--featured a good deal of interesting material; I read it all the way through, not particularly pausing at the pictorials, and I came away with a favorable impression. Not that I'd really want to subscribe or anything, but I'm not going to burn the magazine, either.

I got a similar impression when I went to the Playboy sim myself. The merchandise was good, the ambiance was cleverly designed, and, really, what more could you expect? Of course, many people will probably be disappointed by lack of bewbies; their loss...

Tateru Nino

Actually, I thought it was a basis for why I don't seem to get the same message from the Playboy brand as - apparently - most people seem to.

You're dead right in one respect, though, I didn't expand on that connection nearly enough.

For me, the Playboy brand isn't and has never been about boobs or sex or gratuitous nudity. I've never seen it that way. Playboy apparently don't see their message that way either, judging by what they've wrought in SL.

Now, I realize that that puts my impression at odds from most folks in the world, and assume that's my autism at work. I really didn't make that connection clear enough in the text, however.


I'm not quite sure what ... wtf, 1st comment ??

Laetizia Coronet

My impression of the Playboy brand has always been one of cheapness, not luxury. Yes, they run articles on luxury goods, literature, art and politics but all of that is poured into a sort of tacky glossiness that lacks good taste (yes, I am aware how subjective that is). Style and class are not measured in amounts of dollars spent, in my humble opinion.

The Playboy Island had exactly the sort of atmosphere I was expecting - predictable 'luxury' clues like wood panelling and plush couches in the best tradition of glitzy TV shows like Dallas and Dynasty. And those were on TV some 25 years ago.

Playboy remains the brand of men in (designer) shorts and tees shouting 'Woohoo!' at the first sight of a bikini-clad bimbo. You can't get much cheaper than that.

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