Monday, June 18, 2007


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Rein Spire

I have to add, that to a great part Dirty McLean is responsible for the success of Ballers City. He was not only responsible of building and scripting, but also shaped the strategy and successfully managed the sim due to his profound sl experience!


cool! I rember Dirty from weh back.

Still have some of his original dance move anims he gifted be too

Go B-Ballers!

Anonymous Baller

First of all - I just noticed this article but it is important to note that Ballers City gets its traffic numbers from placing platforms up in the sky and laying out camping chairs. The numbers are as inflated as Dirty McLean's head

Dirty McLean

Wow, okay I might be a little late to reply here but I just found this article myself and wanted to clear some things up. First, this headcount was not based merely on traffic score. Second, the bots in the sky did not enter the scene until after this article was published. They were operated by a store owner who kept them on a separate parcel which did not advertise Ballers City in any way that could falsely inflate our traffic score (though I can't speak for his store traffic, and he has since been removed). I see how this could be misunderstood and guarantee that all traffic in Ballers City is 100% genuine. We are still going strong nearly 2 years since the publication of this article!

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