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Monday, June 11, 2007


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Benjamin Duranske (avatar 'Benjamin Noble')

The blog I edit is "Virtually Blind," not "Legally Blind" -- otherwise, interesting piece that raises some good points about these issues.

Benjamin Duranske (avatar 'Benjamin Noble')

One of the problems is that they actually seem to be going well beyond passive enforcement, not just relying on user "tips" but doing some policing themselves. You can see that they're targeting at least some advertising and actively replacing it with placeholder content by searching classifieds for the phrase "description removed." Some have argued that this move seems largely targeted at casinos, which is accurate, but it doesn't really matter. It isn't *what* they are editing that takes them out from under the CDA's Section 230(c) safe harbor protection for service providers, it's the fact that they're editing user content at all. I'm the first to admit that this is a fairly immature body of law, but it's not an far-out theory by any stretch of the imagination. Policing content, particularly when they do it on their own, is at least potentially problematic.

I think you're 100% right about the plan to move the really offensive stuff to third party servers. Maybe that's the theory -- make the LL hosted areas so annoying to be in if you're doing anything that offends anybody to the right of Dennis Kucinich that everyone who is moves their sex, drugs, and rock and roll to the (eventual) private servers. Makes sense to me. Of course, unless some places get critical mass, there will always be a population draw to remaining at the biggest party, even if it does mean either flirting with a ban.

Benjamin Duranske (avatar 'Benjamin Noble')

Small correction - you have to search "Places" (not Classifieds) for "description removed" to see the active editing that's going on. I could be wrong, I suppose, but I'm betting that those all weren't from user tips, and were, instead, based on searches.

I say this because some have reported that places with the letters "loli" in their name/description were targeted -- presumably because it is the first four letters of "Lolita" (though it is, unfortunately, also the first four letters of at least one clothing line that had nothing to do with either ageplay or Nabokov's book). That sounds like machine searching to me.

Hamlet Au

Sorry about the title goof, Benjamin, fixed it-- thanks for commenting!

FreeLikeBird Martinek

Even more then editing details, for example if you go to places and you search for "Hedonistic Island" you will find that the image of that Sim has a female avatar without her top, the female avatar was naked in upper part and now has an editing image saying "censored" over that part
I know that the "censored" edit didn't existed before because I use to go to that sim
I just don't know if the image was edited by the owner or staff of that sim or by Linden Lab but I believe it was Linden Lab because in search, if we search by "any category" for example that SIM appears

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