Monday, June 25, 2007


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It's really interesting what Dawkins is saying about virtual reality through the sense organs, as I was just tinkering with that kind of phrasing in an article that i am writing about Second Life.

It's phenomenonal to think that the people who built Second Life must have had an idea that when we play in virtual reality we are really playing with our perception, and the repercussions that can have on how we use our real world perception to frame who it is we think we are.

Kami Harbinger

Is there something in the air right now?

I just posted about perceptions of reality and videogames on my blog.


If you can see yourself using yourself to control your avatar, does that make you a Higher Power?


I suppose you could imagine some science fiction scenario in the distant future when people live in SL so much that they hardly even know there is an outside world and it becomes a matter of theological speculation of what goes on in the outside world." Interestingly, many of the ideas Dawkins casually throws out here are very much aligned with Philip Linden's ultimate vision of Second Life-- as I'll lay out in my book.

imagine sci fi about vr? ol

how also do yu prove the worldsforemost atheist?

he believes god dosent exist the most?...lol
the future here. the past still looks silly.

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