Saturday, June 23, 2007


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

LL hasn't made a big deal about SL's 4th anniversary (or I missed it).

So...I'm wondering, what do other readers think SL will be like in 4 more years? What will be added, what lost?

I'm hardly six months old, so it's hard to speculate. I will say that if SL is around in four years, I will too. I never thought I'd live to see anything even remotely like Snowcrash's metaverse in my lifetime. I just hope RL doesn't start looking like its counterpart in that novel.

Cyn Vandeverre

Ignatius, you think a multi-sim celebratory island with events and things isn't a big deal?


Geuis Dassin

We're still organizing a RL machinima class for people based in the San Francisco area.

The class is free. We'll cover topics ranging from software to use to production techniques and more.

Email me if you're interested in attending.

[email protected]

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Cyn, It certainly is a big deal...probably nearly as big as the hole in my head.

Ah, the perils of not reading the SL blogs often enough. Thanks! Iggy

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Indeed, while doing a short article on the SL4B (Second Life Fourth Anniversary) I was surprised to see how little coverage Linden Lab did give it this year. In fact, except for some scattered blogs, an Eventful list, and a Google Docs, that seems to be it.

On the other hand, visit Bollywood, the first India-themed community in Second Life, which is also launching this weekend...

Cyn Vandeverre

You're welcome, Iggy. It also comes up as a notice when SL is logging you in -- under the status bar where hints often go.

Dirk Singer

There's obviously been some negative talk in the business press about the SL numbers, and brands (largely due to going about it the wrong way) failing to make a presence.

I'm wondering whether come the fifth anniversary, it will have been all the colleges and Universities , with their student populations, who gave SL the push it needs. I posted about it here:


Hamlet Au

Gwyn, gotta SLURL handy for Bollywood?

Heidi Sturm

Hamlet -

SLURL for Bollywood is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bollywood/163/52/27

I didn't have a chance to visit during the opening bash, but did walk/fly around a bit. Their theatre is still being built out, but the dance club and overall structure is up and worth a visit.

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