Saturday, June 16, 2007


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Dirk Singer

Britan's design museum is hosting a series of talks on the architecture in Second Life.


An interesting theme, and a sign that in the UK it's a medium that is starting to gain credibility.

Unfortunately the first two talks were an advertisement for the need for voice. With open chat they moved at a snails pace. I was able to go away, do some domestic chores for several minutes, only to come back and to see things hadn't really moved on.

And in today's session - in theory a tour - the moderator was left with the problem of how to get ten or so AVs from location to location. His solution - send a group IM through the RL architecture group. And for those not a member, he'd TP them.

Er, except he didn't, meaning a third of the group gave up after the first location and drifted away.

All this must have looked less than impressive when beamed onto the screen the Design Museum's Cafe. All in all, another example of a good SL idea badly executed.

Geuis Dassin

I'm organizing a free real-world machinima class for people based in the San Francisco area. So far I have a handful of people who have expressed interest, enough to all gather around the living room and learn, though I want to see who else might be interested in attending a class.

The topics are going to include the right software to use, filming and post production techniques, hosting options, distribution, advertisement, and more. A big part of the class will also be sharing knowledge and experience among each other, so discussion is going to be a BIG part of this.

I'm not asking for any money, though donation's help to buy beer(for those old enough) and pizza for everyone who attends.

If you're in the Bay area and you're interested, send me an email and I'll add you to the contact list. I'll be getting with everyone starting this week to start working out the most convenient time and location for everyone.

Geuis Dassin
contact: [email protected]

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