Monday, July 30, 2007


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Eppie Hock

I just visited "Greenies" with a friend, and it really is amazing! It's a creative idea and a lot of fun to explore! I absolutely liked it!

grtz Eppie Hock

sean percival

lets face it...

greenies = fun and amazing, walking through art

corporate sims = boring, disengaged, rarely updated

where would you rather be?

Otenth Paderborn

Their traffic is even more impressive when you consider how low their agent limit has been.

Vint Falken

Nice article! I especially love the lulz picture. *grins*

RightAsRain Rimbaud

Thanks for support. Please note we pushed the Grand Opening to 02 Aug at 1700 SLT.

We have many new places to explore and things to do going live. We will also unviel the most amazing sculptie prim sculpture ever rezzed.

The new piece by Light Waves is spectacular.

Bobby Troughton

Greenies is great, I really enjoyed finally exploring something original. It was like playing those Army Men/Toy Story type games. Cars and planes become little toys. Seeing people's reaction as they first saw the sim was fun too. There was also lot's of great detail, like under the refrigerator you can see it's motor with a realistic rat hiding underneath it.

That fly avatar of mine was one of Tooter Claxton's great unique creations. I was looking for some different non-furry animal av. :) Around that day I bought the fly I ironically found the Greenies sim and it fit well with it.

I kept on crashing the Hellcat plane of mine, like into the laptop at the videoclip. It was also tricky flying between the chair legs. :) The flying giant (or not depending on your perspective) hotdog at the end of the clip is a freebie vehicle.

Pavig Lok

Indeed Bobby, Tooter makes a damn good fun av. He even contributed to the build in a small way - he gave me a fly which can be found, poor thing, with it's legs in the air on the windowsill. Thanks for reminding me.. finally finished that durn curtain rail :P


what is this
some kinda drug site?

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