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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)


It's a frighteningly good machinima that show the power of virtual worlds to realize what we only dreamed before -- walking into a flat landscape and living there, if only for a moment.

Alastair Chamerberlin

wow and WOW again. my gob is officially smacked. This is hands down one of the single best things I have yet sen in SL. Kudos!!

Misacha Vaughan

This is simply a Masterpeice. It captures the essence and speaks for the reason so many love SL. Even shed a tear looking at it. Bravo!

jenn steffey

That really made my day. I think it is a wonderful idea to work on and I hope you do more.

Niko Donburi



Great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

Andy Enfield

Absolutely amazing! :-) The song fits the video perfectly, great work!


robbie, this is beautiful! your best (so far) and you have done so many wonderful machinima. Can we put it into my machinma gallery?


Oh this is the best i see in sl. Please, guys, ell me the singer and song name, please


That was awesome... That was the most beautiful and perfect SL work I´ve ever seen.
And the song matched it perfectly.

/me bows down

Lance Sismondi

Robbie, you have enriched my virtual world through your most worthy homage to a true master. This is the most poetic and beautiful multimedia art I have experienced in SL to date! While viewing the film, I was given pause to reflect on the unlimited possibilities of beauty and creativity in a virtual world where the spirit of a soul is breathed into the bits, bytes, electrons and photons to order them into beautiful existence that may be wiped clean from the virtual world but never from our memories.


I'm going to be the lone dissenter, I can see -- but this seems like a lot of work to make a pale imitation of a popular masterpiece. If it was an exercise to master technique, that's one thing: that's why many artists copy other pieces, to explore and better understand the technique that created it, NOT to collect the borrowed interest of someone else's creation (in the case of the film, two creations: Van Gogh's and Don McLean's).

True artistic genius in SL would manifest itself in original works only possible in SL (such as -- and again I'm going to be unpopular -- griefings like this one: http://www.boingboing.net/2006/12/21/second-life-griefers.html)

Granted, griefing is more akin to vandalism than to a Van Gogh... but at least it's creative, not imitative. I hope that the "artist" celebrated here goes on to create more original work which might actually merit the attention this is getting.

Cosma Ordinary

A bright spot in the artists' night of the soul is starry night and a worthy goal, however it was realized. The sincere undertaking is our inspiration. Thank you before I look for the elusive video. The song plays in my heart already.

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