Friday, July 06, 2007


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Peter Stindberg

Don't forget "BattleZone" by Mykael Goodman, a rather straightforward and easy to use combat system. It has its roots in Gorean sims, but gets used in many non-Gor-sims as well. It's very easy for 3rd party developers to create weapons for it, and in fact Goodman offers development kits with sample weapons too at no charge. There is potential for abuse of course, but the BattleZone community is actively working on standards and a code-of-honor.


There is also MCS which Midian uses, though it's meant more to augment RP fighting from my understanding...

Onder Skall

Hmm. Sorry about the weirdness with the font in that last part... not sure how that happened.

Onder Skall

Oooh, also a correction: almost none of these images are by me, but rather donated by the community at large. I only took the one of Miss Wright.

Alexander Basiat

I have been, for some time, looking for a more LARP-based model for a RP system, and not finding it. Not finding anyone with the scripting skills to do one.

However, I think it would be an excellent addition to the options for play. Right now, if you want to do RP, you have to do it with weapons. You can't have a salon game where intrigue and RP primarily dominate.

The system informs the play. The play should reflect the system. For more informationa bout my SLRP HUD ideas, go to my blog.

Primitive Hax

I was chuffed to say the least when I discovered CCS & DCS in Second Life.
Years back I toyed with vrml and had some peripheral contact with the various communities.
Way back then, I had an idea for what has now pretty much been realized in SL. Anoying, in that someone got there first, but also reassuring that my finger was well and truly on the future pulse all that time ago.

So heed me well when I say that, "What SL needs is four dimensional hypercube housing... What? They all ready have it... Daaam.


The best place to buy any weapon is at mayhem Weapons, and they carry the entire line of all DCS DCS2 and CCS (and more) compatible weapons. The cool thing is there is a live person to speak with most of the time, and often can demonstrate. They deserve a plug for sure.

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