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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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Aleister Kronos

A fine post.

CS Kappler

Love Liam’s work. He was in the original 2004 WTC memorial competition.


as was I.


Both visions evolved, responded positively, to the oportunities available to design and express in materials that do not exist in Real Life — for example phantom textures, holographic solar systems, glow effects.

Already, the value of Second Life as a laboratory for architectural design has been proven many times over; firms can assemble in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, renditions of RL designs.

In our own memorial project, we chose to step past what was possible in Real Life, and incorporate phantom textures and holographic effects into our design.

The other advantage in SL is mutability; our architecture is expected to change, so there is little reason to create a structure, any structure, that is intended to be wholly static. To do so leaves a great deal of value on the table. Our project will change over time, which was the intent of my original design submission back in 2003.

9/11 is many things, and many memorials.

I’ve said this elsewhere in solemn words…


…and in simulated stone


All regards to all the builders of all the many memorials in Second Life, and to all the many, in all the worlds who have yet awakened from the fitful nightmare that shrounds their hearts, and seek some measure of comfort and hope.

If any memorial, if all of them combined, help but one heart rest easier, and look up again to hope, then our collective works are well worthwhile.

Erbo Evans

I just had an opportunity to visit the memorial myself. Danielle doesn't want to visit at all--it's too painful for her--but I sent back some pictures. I had to TP out myself after a few minutes, as it was starting to get to ME.

I was left thinking the same words I posted on the day itself, over at EMinds...six words I will always remember:

"Never forgive. Never forget. Never again!"

John Branch

I admire what I can see here of Liam's memorial design (I'm not yet in SL), particularly the three-foot gap between the walkway and the wall of names. There's an unbridgeable gap between us and those who died at the WTC on Sept. 11, 2001, and this seems to me a fine way to represent that.

I'm curious about something, which I might be able to work out for myself if I did some research into the statistics. Actually two things. One is the reliability of that figure of 2,996 names. I got the impression some years ago that it was impossible to be sure exactly how many people died; since there was no question of just counting bodies, it became a matter of collecting names, and there may have been people in the buildings (undocumented immigrants, e.g.) who weren't known to be there or who weren't reported for some reason.

Another question is whether the names of the hijackers are included. Clearly, most of the people who died were killed as a result of the hijacking, but it's possible to say that the hijackers themselves were victims of noxious metaphysical beliefs that drove their actions. So it's possible to count them among the needless deaths, if one takes the view that their noxious beliefs were a necessary (though not sufficient) cause of what happened. Yes, I hold those 19 men responsible for the mass killing that day, but I count their own deaths among the losses. Does anyone else?


Nowadays the memorial is almost empty most of the time. But I go there frequently anyway, to spend a few minutes of quiet contemplation and thinking, specially when something makes me mad in RL (or SL).

John B, you're saying the perps death is a "loss" ?

I think I'll go to the memorial right now.


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