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Monday, September 24, 2007


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Moebius Overdrive

OMFG! That is great.

Go Aimee, go!!

Erbo Evans

Ironically, I note that the name "Aimee Weber" appears in John Scalzi's science-fiction novel Old Man's War, as the name of a squad leader in the same platoon as the main character. Will this mean anything to Our Aimee's trademark registration? Probably not; it's just one of those coincidences, I guess.

Tenshi Vielle

Wow! Rock on Aimee! :)

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Hehe Aimee beat me to it — I've just trademarked Gwyneth Llewelyn locally in Portugal, a few months ago, and waiting to file an European trademark as well — they're far cheaper than the US ones :)

Shinji Usobuki

Well, I guess we all know Aimee's real name now....and address...and nationality... That right there seems a significant deterrent to establishing a meatspace presence for an av.

Maxx Monde

Congrats to Aimee - just another point of progress in her long outstanding design career.

Now all she needs is to become her own sovereign nation :)

(AimeeBux Designer currency, anyone?)

Latransa Pera

Aimee did get her trademarks granted last month, but it's not quite as exotic as it's been made out to be. http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2008/11/second-life-avatar-gets-trademarked.html

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