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Monday, September 24, 2007


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China Tracy

Cool. Welcome to stay in Beijing! haha:)

Ken March

Hey Hamlet Au, I am so glad you have a great journey and so happy to see that u are taking in every minute and all the expereinces in china! I miss your talks at Get it Louder.


Sounds like an awesome adventure! Thanks for sharing it. The real world yet has things to delight the eyes and ears that the virtual world can not match.

Now, what did you eat?

Hamlet Au

Lots and lots and lots and lots of noodles. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Also, the best Peking duck and Chinese feast I've ever had, and a Shanghai dumpling dinner that's also in my Top Ten All Time Meals.


wowow, this is so exciting. I am happy to see all this explosion of immersive artistic creative worlds in China. :) Also, somehow this sl in china doesnt feel like a parallel vicarious world, but quite different, as if its attached to the real world. The sl in booming China is not the same as sl in the "developed" world. People can and do contribute in a realistic way. I could imagine that a greater proportion of people could actually live and survive by going to work in sl, if they employ their activity in a useful way. Not just by camping. :)

Janik, Beijing

Cool :)

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