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Monday, September 24, 2007


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It's a bit comparable to IBM's Wimbledon build. IBM used RL data gathered on the tennis courts to plot the course of the ball on a SL court.

sean percival

Just went here, they have tons of great stuff for integrating data into secondlife. Recommend checking out the RSS tools.

They even have a nabaztag connection, this is a great little wifi toy I picked up in europe last year.

SL needs more companies like this.

Cyn Vandeverre

Fascinating and clever!

(Except for the use of "orientate" instead of "orient.") Why, yes, I am a member of Pedants Anonymous.

Ley Wrangler

Great idea :-) I see some perspectives though. Maybe the risk monitoring airplanes is too big. However tracking your parcels or mail around the globe is already possible - although SL could make it even more visual. Also - as I've written in my blog - I see a fun mash-up application allowing me to follow the brave sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race (yeah, yeah I am a RL sailing nerd as well). Combined with on-the-fly weather conditions and wind and wave development following this otherwise non-spectator-friendly sport will be alot more fun.

I bet there is much more ideas outthere waiting to be born. Great job, guys :-)


Ley Wrangler (aka Ken Ley)

David Burden (aka Corro Moseley)

Glad you all liked it. The comments about object tracking are spot on, and one of the next projects we're working on is aimed at tracking objects (and people) as they move around a building. Hope to have something to show you in a couple of months (it's the RL tech that slows us down!)

David Burden (aka Corro Moseley), MD Daden Limited

Extropia DaSilva

'what's the practical use?'

That is what the Prime Minister asked Micheal Faraday, who had just demonstrated his invention, the electric motor.

Hamlet Au

That's very true. But then again, when a guy walked into the patent office with a $2000 robot shoelace tier that ran on coal, people also asked that question. :)

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