Tuesday, September 04, 2007


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Stone Semyorka

Wow! And some thought the migration to this world would slow down. Just wait for the HBO screening of Douglas Gayeton's then-OSCAR winner. What a flood we will see. Lindens need to stock up ahead of time with an extra thousand server boxes.

This is toooo cool. Congratulations to all of us for building this amazing place.


Vint Falken

Wow. Neat to see such a thing happen. Let's hope it is well received at Sundance.

I am just one of the nearly 700 SecondLife Hobos, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we've watched Douglas Gayeton and Orhalla Zander - as well as several others - work tirelessly on this project for some time now. It is thrilling to see Second Life get this kind of attention - let's face it... HBO rocks! In fact, it is the only tv channel I have time for these days - but even more gratifying when the recognition points to people who already admire. /me claps, whistles, stomps!


And... isn't it WAY cool that the Reuters article that is carrying this news worldwide points to New World Notes as the source that broke the story?

Pompo Bombacci

Reuters spelled Alta tho :)

Anyway...that short rocks, I can't wait to see whats next!

Pompo Bombacci

NOT so great news for the recent "SL is all sex and weirdos" wave of bloggers and "reporters" BTW! :)

Thank you Douglas!

Shava Nerad/Shava Suntzu in SL

*sniff* The youtube video is coming up private now. One needs an invite to view it.

Aenea Nori

Only a trailer is available on molotovalva.com now... :/

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