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Friday, September 21, 2007


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Bettina Tizzy

Hallo Hamlet :D

Just wanted to bring this event to the attention of all you art lovers out there.

The Crescent Moon, the longest continuously running museum in SL, is going to party all this weekend to celebrate its new, larger location.

Here's the skinny:

Second Life's Longest-Running Museum, the Crescent Moon, Reopens with a Gala Bash

September 20, 2007 (Second Life) - One of the most anticipated art events of the year is this weekend's re-inaugural Gala at the Crescent Moon Museum, Second Life's longest-running and most beloved art museum. The Crescent Moon Museum has moved to its new, much larger location at the Fairchang Village Island.

The Crescent Moon will formally re-open its doors this Saturday, September 22nd, at 5pm SLT. Live performances by saxophone player Anakin Gallacher at 6pm, followed by pianist Enniv Zarf at 7pm, will serve as a musical backdrop and fill the moonlit gathering with their enchanting melodies.

On that same evening and for this weekend only, Random Calliope - founder and creator of the highest fashion house of jewelry, the Random Calliope Gallery and Worthwhile line - will make available and free to all attending, his extraordinary collection of pearls, the dedicatory Gatsby. You can learn more about Random and the Gatsby here: http://randomcalliope.blogspot.com/2007/06/mata-hari.html

Then on Sunday, September 23rd at 10am and again at 5pm SLT, hundreds of butterflies – many containing the highly collectable single pieces from jeweler-extraordinaire Random Calliope's collection, "Ode" – will be released for the Ode Butterfly Hunt.

All are warmly invited to explore the greatly expanded and dramatically terraformed sculpture gardens that surround the original Crescent Moon building which houses the great paintings, photography, design objects and the famously popular Mata Hari puzzle.

While many of Second Life's best known painters and sculptors' works will be on display, expect to see several new and one-of-a-kind pieces, including the El Catrin, a bass-relief painting located just behind the grand piano by Red Randt, the Multiple Bag of Secrets by Elros Tuominen, the amazingly built/textured Marat by AM Radio, as well as the Tree by Kalt.

About the Crescent Moon Museum
This pre-eminent art house was founded, created and is still run today by Tayzia Abattoir, as a venue for Second Life's artists to display their creations. It is the oldest Museum in SL (etabli February 2005) and has been the host to hundreds of pieces of original art. The Crescent Moon's exhibits change frequently in order to display art from the greatest number of Second Life's extraordinary artists.

Coordinates: FairChang Village (187, 142, 21) Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FairChang%20Village/187/142/21/

See you there!

Cyn Vandeverre

I've been wondering how often LL has been updating things on their end, since they came out with the change that let us users not need to update our software every Wednesday.

I have the feeling that people who are never satisfied think that they haven't made any updates in this time, when in reality, LL has been updating the software regularly but we don't notice it due to that change.

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