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Friday, September 28, 2007


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Geuis Dassin

HAVOK 4. http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/09/28/havok4-is-here-on-the-beta-grid/

That is all.

Hamlet Au

OMFG the Lindens announced that Havoc upgrade IN 2003!!!


This was passed along to me:

Hundreds of Buddhist monks are being arrested in government raids on monasteries in Myanmar (Burma) after leading large protests against the military regime. Help show support for these people by joining us in a vigil on Saturday 9/29 at 12 noon PDT on Odyssey.
a notecard giver at the site has a free red tshirt to wear as part of the protest.


Oh here's a second demo being planned in Burning Life:

From Saturday the 29th at 12.00 PM PDT until the end of the Burning Life Project October the 1th we will NON-STOP protest at at Burning Life Skylar (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life%20%28Skylar%29/149/199/24 .) Please feel free to join us at every hour of the day, take a Free Burma Tshirt and support the people of Burma.

Cyn Vandeverre

Will the Burma protest hand out useful things like the addresses to write to (snail-mail) in Burma or their diplomatic addresses in the USA, addresses for our own Congress-critters, and suggested text of such a protest letter?

Tao Takashi

HTML on a prim is making progress!

And if you haven't checked out how Second Life is evolving in providing a standard for interconnecting virtual worlds (and thus eventually helping to create the 3D web) look at these URLs:

Blog post
Slashdot article

(This is one of the most important topics for me actually and I hope for a lot of participation and hopefully more press about this).

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