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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


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Brilliant !

Anyone knows if it's there anything like that, but based on Munch's "The Scream" ?

Hamlet Au

Yeah, someone did that for a Burning Life site a few years ago; I should dig through my archive and repost that here.

Osprey Therian

"Anyone knows if it's there anything like that, but based on Munch's "The Scream" ?"

Siggy Romulus had a walk-into-and-pose The Scream (with anim etc.) at a Burning Life a couple of years ago. It was when a The Scream had been art-jacked. It was a very nice build.

Osprey Therian

The exterior was a museum - one walked in through an empty frame. It was memorable. Yes, maybe that was three years ago.

Tenshi Vielle

OMG finding Tooter is like finding an easter egg!


Tooter Claxton

Hi Tenshi! Yes it's me, martyr of the revolution. I should have never trusted that harlot Charlotte. :)

Frankie Rockett

Art Box has a fully immersive 'The Scream', as well as 'American Gothic', 'Christina's World', 'Nighthawks', and around 40 other iconic paintings and photographs rendered in 3D for you to become both the art and the artist with. We add a new artwork every week, so the whole gallery is a constantly evolving work in progress.

Art Box is in Showcase (under Art and Culture). You can also get there directly from this SLURL -

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