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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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september 29th

Vlad Bjornson

Hey cool. Thanks for mentioning this video, Hamlet. :) I've gotten a lot of fun feedback on this clip, and I've been meaning to make a follow-up video with more complex interactions.

I don't know if they have already been mentioned here, but RacerX has been making some interesting Havok4 videos, too. RacerX's Havok4 Chain Test

I was surprised at the level of realism I see in the Havok4 interactions. I don't know if it's the increased performance of the simulation or the fact that the sphere prims can actually touch each other without the old .01 meter gap, but Havok4 is definitely a change for the better. I'm looking forward to using physics on the main grid without feeling guilty about hurting a sims performance. :)

Patch Lamington

wow, racerx had a lot more luck than i did with chains. i musta been using the wrong prims, or been too ambitious with the number of links.

my last tryout didn't go too well.

had some more luck prior to that, but it all went wrong when i turned on the camera.

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