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Monday, October 08, 2007


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pavig lok

This 12 minutes thing is going to last a lot longer than we might hope. There are a lot of folks with a vested interest in hanging onto this damning figure. This does not just include direct competitors.

Not least of these is the Yankee Group themselves, to which the future success of rich virtual worlds which by their nature don't scale to mobile technology, are a direct threat to companies that subscribe to the main thread of their consultancy. They sell their "anywhere technology" message in an open market. As a consultancy playing down platforms that compete for attention with those of their clients, but don't conform to the model they're selling, is highly advantageous. There are plenty of other consultancies in the market which would be happy to help you develop a strategy for business in SL in direct competition for the same market space. For the Yankee Group to get your business though, they'd have to go against much of what they say they're "about" on their website. Clearly there's a conflict of interest here in them slamming SL as a platform.

Now that we've done the "SL is full of yiffing furries and ageplayers" in the mainstream media, and journalists are starting to need to do real research to come up with a story for a better informed public, it's time for the conservative business media to have a go at easy journalism. Massive failure to engage a public is porn for the business press. It's very easy to slap together some mashup editorial based around something like the 12 minutes number, as the metrics for time of engagement of traditional media are now institutionalized and available to any journalist - in fact they can probably reel them off the top of their heads. Those 12 minutes are the kind of thing a journo would doubletake on - "what only 12 LOL" - and run with.

Expect to see a long life for gonzo journalism parading that figure.

Unfortunately Yankee Group have withdrawn their report so we can't see what other things they surmised in their loaded title article. I have a feeling that under proper scrutiny the rest of their argument would be found similarly unbalanced.

As for the main theme of their article, I've had no problem accessing SL via ajaxlife from a mobile device while out having coffee. It's not nearly as fun, nor should it be. We've got facebook and blogs and other far more lightweight things to do on our tiny screens. The market is large enough to support all these rich media, so why complain that SL is going nowhere cause you can't avchat on your tiny phone screen?

Oh well.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Excellent work with this NWN entry. Been there in '94, heard exactly the same ill-willed and unfounded critiques.

Even if the LL metaverse does not become the standard, one of them will. Why can't folks who have seen the emergence of the Web recognize that? Is it that virtual worlds still look too "gamish" to them?

My academic colleagues (who should have known better) in the mid-90s were completely dismissive of the Web, except for a few early adopters. Now many of them chime in with "what's the educational value of SL?"

Exact same Q from 13-14 years ago. Now we use the Web seamlessly for everything from posting course content to submitting grades to checking our payroll stubs.


As I was seeing the exact same thing (most recently on Blue's News yesterday), I'm glad you've raised this issue. As pavig suggests, there certainly seemed to me to be a need on the part of the Yankee Group to find some justification for what sounds like a predetermined conclusion.


Also, Yankee Group and Rimm effect stories remind me the (in)famous case of Fredric Wertham's "Seduction of the Innocent" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seduction_of_the_Innocent), a book published in 1954. The author, a professor of psychology, sustained the thesis comic books were a bad form of popular literature and a serious cause of juvenile delinquency. Therefore, it created alarm in parents and galvanized them to campaign for censorship, which translated into a wich hunt promoted by US government. Moreover, I think that history can witness many similar cases, and not just about media and technology...
On the other side, I believe it's worth to note a fine distinction between Wertham and Rimm publications, form one side, and Yankee group study, from the other: while the former where academics studies, the latter came from a private society, which has it's core business in providing accurate metrics and statistics. Why, I ask to myself, a society announced a report based on so coarse data? They said they used Linden Lab data, but that's not possible, as those statistics depict a totally different picture of the story. Does Yankee Group run by inexperienced, superficial workers? Hard to believe, to me, as long as anyone would not pay for rough inaccuracies. So, I find Gwyneth version may be not too distant from truth...


Media Revolution video...

I rather liked how this video went ^-^

We even have voice in Second Life on-time...

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

EC Comics...the creepy puppets on Howdy Doody...Led Zep played backward...Pac Man's subliminal sexual message...the Web's vast bin of free porn...Second Life.

The flower of our youth is endangered. We must act now to save them...

Thanks to Poianone for mentioning the Wertham book.

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