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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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Odysseus Fairymeadow

I was actually thinking about something like this happening last night. A number of places could benefit from in-world models, paying someone to just "be a body" and show off the wares somehow could be very useful. Not sure if a simple catwalk with no other modifications is that useful though, although it does make the store look more interesting to passers by.

When the CopyBot mess came down I was a bit disappointed in the banning as I saw the potential for shops to have a dozen or so CopyBots in their stores mimicking the closest avatar wearing a few of their outfits, making it easier to window-shop for stuff as it were.

Elfod Nemeth

Amusing idea, models modeling but nobody to watch, except the campers waiting for the next modeling spot to open and pounce - they need to make it more of an event to pull in actual crowd.

Kind of following it logically, maybe we'll start to see employees in SL being paid automatically at the end of a shift instead of av2av payment - say hostessing for 3 hours at a nightclub and paid automatically at the end by a sensor monitoring your presence. Of course quality may suffer...

Vint Falken

I was pointed to an interesting way of camping by Bella March. It's on an Italian energy related sim, and you get a can of 'power drink'. As long as you are wearing that, when exploring the sim, you will get a small amount of L$. So you can just stand there and idle (most will probably do so?) or take the can along and explore the sim. So it does not limit you to having to stand/sit at one spot or to marching on a catwalk. ;)

Tateru Nino

I should put that on a tee-shirt.

"Tateru wasn't as amazed"

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