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Friday, October 26, 2007


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Troy McLuhan

After reading last week's list, I visited Blackheart's Cafe, curious to see what makes it tick.

Do they have gorgeous architecture? A line-up of live musicians? Games? Was it built by Millions of Sheep, Electric Bus, or Flamey Pepper? Nope.

It's a skybox with a DJ spinning tunes. You dance. Simple, but fun. Before I knew it, someone IMmed me and we chatted away. Then a Cartman avatar (from South Park) came out and "sang" a song. It was hillarious. I'll be going back.


It's hard to find locations with true numbers and not inflated by campers. Since I've been in world, Sanctuary Rock has consistently maintained good numbers, holding a great crowd of "partiers".

Robert Giacomin

Wow.. thanks for the positive report. we really do appreciate it..and strive to welcome everyone new and old for a good time in a clean atmosphere..If you see me in either Blackhearts or it's sister club Crimson and Clover.. be sure to say Hi..and if you have any questions please feel free to ask the staff and they will help you.

Robert Giacomin
Owner Blackhearts and Crimson & Clover

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