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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Roslin Petion

Great list, all of those content creators are amazing. I am especially blue that Lo Jacobs *still* hasn't managed to return to content creating. Her style was a perfect match for my own. I loved how her outfits always felt so pulled together and complete without being to matchy and I know there are a good number of pieces I never got my hands that I would love to snatch up now if I had the chance.

Onyx LeShelle

I feel unbelievably honored and humbled by being mentioned among such great designers <3

Caliah Lyon

I echo Onyx's statement above - it's been an illuminating and quite rewarding experience for me since I first opened Muse, and I'm very happy to be included in this list :)

Jane Doe

I think a lot of the list you compiled was right on the mark. But there is a couple on there that makes me think,"What the heck?!?!"


I feel honored to be mentioned here, my jaw dropped to the floor =D
Thank you for appreciating!

Nicky Ree

Wow, thanks for putting me on the list with other bunch of great designers, I am honored and humbled for being mentioned. Thank you all.

Vint Falken

My human wants the 'I collared your mom' t-shirt.

Moebius Overdrive

LF rocks like a rocking thing!

Lyra Muse

Oh wow.. I had no idea about this until I found it on Caliah's blog. Thank you so much for saying what you did about not only me, but designers I cherish as well. You write excellently, I might add. :)

Tatiii Radek

Hi there,

Do you know if there is any real life fashion brands are in second life? I mean girls style, dresses, with rich textures, brights, movements in the clothes? I know Nike is there but it's not what I am looking for, I want find good RL clothes that bring us the brand experience in SL. Do you know any? Thanks.

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