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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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Komuso Tokugawa

I think a better question is what is the benefit of a web browser thin client over ones like http://delta.slinked.net/ ?

There is definatly a use case for staying connected to sl via a thin client while working on other things in rl, but email is too slow and the 3d client too cpu hungry.

ATM I think http://delta.slinked.net/ is better than both the web solutions in this regard.

Opensource Obscure

@ Kamuso:
I'd say that for average user,
- Sleek installation is hard (also, Mac & Linux users can't apparently use it)
- official SL client installation is easy (but you have to download and install it)
- SL web-based clients do not need installation at all and they are ready for use

It depends on users' need and skills.

I feel that freedom of choice about clients may be going to improve Second Life adoption.

Peter Stindberg

SLeek installation is hard? Download, unzip, double-click the sleek.exe - done!


can anyone help I am looking for a link so I can use SL on my sons pc without a DL please?

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