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Monday, November 05, 2007


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dandellion Kimban

But now the question arises, why haven't CBS built less islands and spread their game all over the grid? It would be win-win situation.

Gary Hayes

"Like an emergent alternate reality game, a fictional story has been inextricably intertwined with an existing world, albeit a virtual one."

Alternate Reality Games in Virtual Spaces

Suzanna Soyinka

I saw this search gaming going on and frankly, I laughed.

Some folks can let their own content stand for itself, without having to use search terms that have little or absolutely nothing to do with their own sim, others have to resort to search gaming and camping chairs.

And the variance between the two is a very different set of Second Lives.

Its a rather sad fact though, unfortunately, that the popular places list continues to not make a determination between content...and what I prefer to call "filler".

Regardless I'm not slamming camping sims so much, I guess it keeps money rolling back and forth for those that need it. But nothing is more pathetic than a sim using search terms that have nothing to do with it to generate traffic, and quite a few unprincipled sim owners do it. Maybe false advertising should be punishable under the TOS?

Pappy Enoch

I camps on HippiePay I-land, tho I are a Po' Moonshiner n' not a Hippie (tho I luvs them-thar Hippie gals).

Corn-sidur this: tho Mistopher Au don't cuzzin much to campin' sites, the Lindens I gits lets mee buy corn, yeast, an udder ingreedyunts fo' my Shine fixermints.

Campin' are a publick service, if'n yu axes me: it do keep fellers like mee frum gittin' a bug in my panty-loons n' runnin' amok n' reckin' the fake wirld o' Secund Life fo' yu city folks....I'd have tu turn tu crime tu git mee a payout like the wun I gits from them Hippies.


haveing a prob game crashes everytime i turn it on

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