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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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Heh.... I didn`t knew what such really cool things could exist.

Tenshi Vielle

Amazing stuff! I went and bought Iris (my partner) an Easy Bake oven... she'll enjoy it.

Tad McConachie

Thanks for posting this! While it doesn't help me with my feeling that this is weird as hell, it does get rid of most all of the "creepiness" that I associated previously with child avatars.

Marianne McCann

Enjoy the oven - it's fun, an you never need to change the bulb!

I'm glad it helped remove the "creepy' part, Tad. :-)

White Hyacinth

I have always admired the way Marianne presents herself in Second Life. Not everybody may have noticed that, so I am very glad this article makes her more known to a wider audience.

Thumbs up for Marianne!

Rockstar Metropolitan

I'm a child av just like Mari (only a little bit taller and...bigger in size) and I'm very, very careful to what I say and do in SL. I try to stay away from groups that might even have the slightest controversy and I usually will try to hear from word of mouth before venturing out to a random sim. I'm even more paranoid when changing my clothing. I actually have to do it in a private space so that I don't inadvertently take off my clothes entirely. The group, Second Life Children highly stresses much of what I said (save for the paranoid clothing change part, lol.)

Other than stating the obvious arguments in many a SL blog, I'm very glad that WJA decided to profile Mari. She is an excellent example of how you can make your Second Life what YOU want it to be, and not what Linden Lab wants you to think it should be when you view their homepage.

Lynette Radio

From the very beginning of all this uproar about kid avi's I realized that SL has double-standards (no world is perfect, not even the real one...) In RL you wouldn't assume ALL adult men are serial killers or pedophiles, but in SL some assume all kid avi's are sexual in nature. I'm friends with a number of people that use kid avi's in-world and have found that they are some of the most dedicated and loyal friends and supporters of SL.

Thanks WJA for featuring Mari's story here and highlighting the flip side of the story in a non-biased format!

Fae Jarrico

Hi! I just wanted to say I really liked this interview. It kinda brings out in the open stuff that needed to be said. I've found being able to relive my childhood in Second Life without some of the bad stuff that happened has been helping to heal some very old wounds.

Marianne McCann

@ White Hyacinth
Thankoo! Yer too kind :-)

@ Rockstar Metropolitan
Ya, I find I'm pretty careful with stuff like dat too. I always worry dat someday I'll be caught short (no pun intended!) in a public space, or stuff like dat. No fun, dat!

@ Lynette Radio
It's one of the bits dat has never made a lot of sense to me -- you'd tink dat if one was a pedo, they wouldn't wanna play a kid, but would rather try to victimize kid avvies. Maybe it's jes dat kid avvies are easier to single out visually, I dunno.

@ Fae Jarrico
/me nods. Ya, dat's a lot of what I've done, as well as a ton of other kids. It's can be *really* therapeutic in a whole lotta ways.

I wanna add too dat it isn't always "I hadda bad childhood" stuff, though. Being a kid is and can be jes for the fun of it, too!

An Fae? Thankoo for your old, old SL kid resources page. Dat was a big big help when I got started. :-D

Ziggy Quirk

I consider myself very fortunate to know Mari, who has inspired me to run and play in SL, as well as to create items for child avatars. A quick glance at her Snapzilla pictures will show you a unique look at the world we create, and I've often been moved to tears at her eloquence and honesty.

*hugs* to Mari, one of the all time great SL residents.

Marianne McCann

@ Ziggy
/me grins. Thankoo soo much for yer kind words :-)

Justine Colville

Oddly enough, as a child avatar, I have not experienced much of the stereotypes that seem to be associated with us...and until yesterday hadn't had any experience with child predators!

Mari, once again I am proud to have you as our child advocate for SL...and even more proud that you are my friend :)

P.S. I loved the ending!

An SL Regular and Mentor

If you're really interested in role playing as children (and I believe some people are), I'd be interested in knowing why you give yourself adult breasts and body shapes?

Marianne McCann

@ Justine
Sorry you had a bad experience - an congrats on yer kid scout promotion!

@ SL Regular and Mentor
Oh, that's easy. It's the avatar mesh. As an experiment, set the mesh down as far as you can, and you'll note some of the limitations with it. Even at 0 on the breasts and elsewhere, you still have *some* chest defintion. You still have at least some hips and buttocks, as well. Likewise, male avvies have a heck of a time with the "cpin purse" as well as the shoulder dimensions. Nevermind the issues with the weird folding of the arms at the shoulder and on the tummy. Oh, an the face is notoriously hard to sculpt for a decent kid look, and you are limited to about 3' 9", in scale, for height.

I for one would LOVE a better avvie mesh, or even additional options for meshes.


I've known Marianne, casually, for a little while now and have always found her to be bright, generous, and caring. She's special for all that, but not alone, for the majority of RPers like her that I've met have all been similarly mannered. If one feels the need to judge this community, meet the people first. Your opinions won't likely be the same.

Thanks, Hamlet, for a great post. Thanks, Marianne, for being a friend.

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