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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Eppie Hock

I have visited Chakryn Forest as well, it is lovely...very relaxing, when I was there there were no other avatars so I could enjoy some peace and quiet. I especially loved the hidden cave!!

Bettina Tizzy


I'm simply blown away that you ran this piece, Hamlet! And thank you for your kind words. You didn't even hint that this was coming, either. You sly fox!

This would be a good time for me to share my thoughts on Andrek Lowell and his work. I discovered him back in March of this year during a visit to the Elvenmoor sandbox. Over to one corner was the most remarkable forest... you could see into it, but once in, you were enclosed and lost in a glorious glade. It was his first attempt at forests, and since then he has created many. I have been fortunate to own a few of them.

There was the extraordinary "Dark Forest Clearing" at Burning Life 2007. There is a sad/funny story about that build. I had claimed the plot it sat on and promptly invited Andrek to rez a forest that had been sitting in his inventory. A few weeks later, while cleaning up littered prims that had been left behind, I became distracted and wiped the whole thing! I can't even begin to express how mortified I was. Upon receiving my terrible IM, Andrek swept in and created an entirely new forest, all the time reassuring me that he was not going to defriend me :P (Bless him, he has the patience of a SAINT). That forest launched a whole new style for him... a much darker, spookier version that many people love.

The Chakryn Forest where my home currently sits is actually a third version - and hopefully not the last. I don't believe I will ever tire of Andrek's work, which keeps evolving. This one represented huge challenges because terraforming is not allowed on the sim. He overcame that problem by creating his own slopes with traditional prims.

Not too long ago, Andrek created an astonishing sim-wide forest at Ile des Amies. Sadly, that forest has been wiped by a new owner, and very few people ever got to see it because it had only been completed for a few days.

Andrek's forests are typically difficult to photograph because they are so dense. Windlight is changing all that. I expect we'll see many more photographs of his forests in the months to come.

Again, thank you for this. So unexpected and such a lovely surprise.

Andrek Lowell

heh...thanks for taking notice..was actually hoping i would catch your eye, was a fleeting thought when i first started SL..Just sorta saw you on the main page and told myself that i would get noticed by you one day. =)

I really appreciate your compliments..and I have improved greatly on my technique...there is a new forest coming up, but unfortunately its mainland, so i have no control over the ground texture...still, its in my picks if you ever care to visit, still in construction

Thanks again =) I hope I can bring many more smiles in the years to come

Andrek Lowell

sorry for the double post, I just though I should mention that I have decided to start a group that I will try to use to help people track my work...if they are so interested in doing so...

thanks again =)

Jolly Jedburgh

Chakryn is a truly amazing place. The hard work in capturing the feeling of a forest truly shows in Andrek's wonderful work.
I believe Chakryn Forest has inspired many builders to create similar places but I must say Chakryn has a special place in my digital heart.
Andrek's creation shows his passion for creation.
Wishing you the best and looking forward to enjoying more of your work Mr. Lowell

PS: The group is a good idea, a blog is also highly recommended (as one tends to run out of group space quite quickly).

Count Burks

Bettina likes her forest. It's very impressive to see and to explore. I also liked the first forest a lot at Dreamworld North where Bettina started out but she couldn't get enough of her trees so she expanded. Have you seen Bettina her corn fields? They are also a must to visit.

Lauren Weyland

Yes....Bettina works hard to make SL a joy for so many. I'm glad you saw her wonderful forest. But through those trees are an even more generous and glorious mind

Luna Zolnir

I'm very happy to have stumbled onto Chakryn Forest, which made me stumble onto Bettina Tizzy, which made me stumble onto Andrek Lowell, which made me arrive at Ile des amies, which unfortunately is no longer. You people make SL a place to continously be amazed, a bit like a kid setting his first steps into life.

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