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Monday, December 10, 2007


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Marianne McCann

Ya know, if I saw an ad like those for an outside of SL company, I'd find myself kinda repulsed by it. It would not compel me. It just looks so bland, yet so obtrusive, to me.

Ordinal Malaprop

What a load of rubbish. Not only is he intimately involved with the project, he can't even spell "measured". The only argument for this land-spam is that metrics are available for these particular advertisements (which does not at all influence how _effective_ they are) and, as I have said before in other contexts, these metrics are frequently meaningless and rely on the shoehorning of outdated flat-web concepts into Second Life.

ArminasX Saiman

I have to agree with Ordinal - while it might be ok to read a newspaper with 75% advertising (you simply ignore the ads and focus on the content), it is quite another thing to be forced to walk through advertising in a virtual world. I could never place such ads on my property, and worse, I would be embarrassed to have the name of my shop displayed on one of these eye-poking "banners". Oh yeah, wasn't this all about sending people from SL to the web page of RL companies who can't figure out what to do with SL?

Hmmm... this reminds me of the early "flat web" days when ad banners were first being tested, trying to send web users to brick-and-mortar shops. Then came those truly annoying pop-up ads... I'd hate to see those in SL. Please, please, nobody tell X10 about SL!

Nexii Malthus

This is old technology, it has been largely agreed that these 2D web concepts just don't work in a 3D environment.

"I think it's light years ahead of what anyone else has come up with yet,"
Rubbish, your brain is clearly light years behind.

The concept of advertisement has to take lessons from another, similiar 3D environment, namely Real Life.

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