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Monday, December 10, 2007


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Good to see at least one of them actually believes in the message. I suppose that's a beginning. Meanwhile, I wonder where Al Gore will fly to next (on a private jet) to deliver his CO2 reduction sermon? And what he'll be paid.


According to TimesOnline Algore gets "£50,000 and £85,000 a speech, holds stock options in Google worth £15m, and has made as much as £4m from advances on his book deals. He is also advising a US venture capital company on how to invest a $600m green technology fund...
A contract for one of his speaking arrangements, released by the University of California under freedom of information requirements, reveals that Gore demands first class travel and accommodation and £500 a day for meals, phone calls and other expenses."

I wonder if her prefers Euros, what with the exchange-rate and all?

The difficult negotiations involved with an issue as important as Climate Change require that powerful people be in the same room with each other to hash it out. There is no real substitute at this state of technology for this. Despite the cost and environmental degradation involved, this is too important to start bean-counting the carbon emissions.

If Ed Markey really had the authority of the US government behind him, and could talk turkey with China, Russia, the EU and the rest about how to solve the climate change problem, he needs to be there in the flesh, not the avatar.

He doesn't. He's just going to give a speech.

So the fact that Markey will "rez in" to Bali is totally appropriate (and cool). Given the likelihood of the US administration paying any serious attention to the Bali conference, the whole US delegation might as well do the same.

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