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Sunday, December 23, 2007


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CyFishy Traveler

Hey, if it gets more people using the JIRA and maybe figuring out how to use it for other things, this can't be bad at all.

I think the JIRA is about as "user-unfriendly" as Second Life itself--it's got a bit of a learning curve, but gets easier once you get the hang of it.

Read the discussion, which explains a bit about WHY there's a limit on the number of Groups you can have and possible solutions to it.


*giggles* Um... Vint Falken started this as you can see here, Veryon was just following her lead: http://www.vintfalken.com/let-group-membership-limitations-be-history/

Adz Childs

0, 1, 25, Infinity

Ann Otoole

About the only reason someone at LL might actually look at that particular very old public jira entry that has the most votes of all public jira entries is because of this article. Thanks much!

unfortunately, when someone from LL does look at it, expect it to be closed with won't fix as the solution. then we can add a new feature request or 2 for enhancing the decrepit group feature and for a new type of group that serves solely for communications and has nothing to do with permissions systems. and they could name them spam groups since thats what they would be for. vip's, news and announcements, etc. nothing at all to do with permissions which is why there is a limit of 25 right now.

Dragontat Zagato

As a business owner in SL, it's difficult to expand your business when "most" shopping areas require you to join a group and you're limited to only 25 groups. I find myself declining several offers a week to join new and developing shopping areas simiply because I'm max'd out on the number of groups I can join.

ArminasX Saiman

As much as I admire Veryon and her startling outfits, Vint was definitely first on this one. This issue is a pain in the *** for business owners. I often see people leaving my groups for no other reason than they are at the limit.

Hiri Nurmi

Ann Otoole: Most people seem to get around this either by deploying legions of alts, or simply joining the group, rezzing a networked vendor, then leaving - which is a bit inconvenient but gets the job done. One subculture that has addressed the issue is Gor, where 75% or so of all markets are members of the same rez group - the aptly named Gorean Merchant Cast. It's a shame that other markets don't get together to do something similar

Ann Otoole

I have a group mule alt Hiri.
Does me exactly zero good for managing rental space. It does serve the needs for being in some groups for product update notices.

I don't see too many individual property owners outside of gor using that strategy for mass group rez privs. and deeding mainland property to a group you don't own is not a well thought through idea. :) having been subjected to an attempted land theft myself and all. on islands? not a factor.

vint falken

For the record, Veyron was first. Really. She and Codie. And maybe some others. I'm totally innocent and just thought this was a kick ass idea. Go blame.. euhm... admire Veyron!! ;)

Charissa Korvin

As a business owner, a community administrator for City of Lost Angels and sim owner I can certainly agree this is one suggestion on the JIRA that should be made a high priority.
Who suggested it first is irrelevant when the attention to the issue at hand is elevated.

Hamlet Au

Group hug everyone! Now get out there and vote, dammit!

starcomber Vig

I wont blame LL if they stay away from this. This one is technically heavy on all their already stressed DBs. It would make sense if extended grouping capabilities would be part of a paid package or Premium as it'd differentiate better what a Premium (or possibly a Business) account is about.

ArminasX Saiman

After re-reading Vint and Veyron's posts (and a very polite nudge from Veyron herself), I realize my previous comment was mistaken - Veyron was in fact the ringleader of this project and had posted first. I guess I should have said that I read Vint's post first. Sorry, Veyron! Regardless of who started it, a Good Idea is a Good Idea! Please vote for this one!

Ann Otoole

thus why i put forth the suggestion for a different type of group for communications and why others put forth the suggestion to allow users to deactivate groups to keep them from being in the result set when the db is queried for access rights starcomber. There is a definite requirement for something more than 25 groups but we are not privy (and rightly so) to the details as to why its a tough feature. let's see what LL responds with.

Hamlet Au

Well, LL could make having over 25 groups a Premium-only feature, that'll reduce their database issues to just 100K Residents, while nudging people to upgrade.

CyFishy Traveler

I actually agree that more than 25 would be a nice little Premium bonus, and a way to encourage people to upgrade.

The tricky part, I suspect, would be figuring the mechanism for dropping Groups should one downgrade from Premium for whatever reason.

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