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Monday, December 03, 2007


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Just wanna say SL in Japan is quite boom! See this video... It's about Goemon tried to protect his castle (made in SL)

Yoe May

My Japanese isn't perfect, but I managed to find a few other things:

1) in addition to a homeroom and "3D blog" given to those subscribing to this service (315 yen/month), the company (Tokyo Zero) will be giving a 300 L$ monthly allowance

2) those using the free subscription might have part of the screen blocked by ad banners.

I have already seen advertisements in Tokyo subways where RL-companies are promoting their SL-offices. With all the mobile phones equipped with QR-code-readers it will be easy to provide teleport-links directly from the posters to the mobile phones of commuters.

Nexii Malthus

Wow, this is amazing, that must be one smart phone to be capable of running secondlife, even if it is a highly limited thin client, the capability to render the 3 dimensional world from a simple phone is quite spectacular.

vint falken

MachinimaLover, point 1/ and 2/ google translater understood too. As for the QR-code readers & direct tp's: wow! didn't even think of that yet. See a nifty designer shirt and can't afford it IRL? Get into SL and buy a cheaper vitual version on the spot. :d

And it's not just the 'developing' countries. My pc is able to handle SL comfortably, but that's about it. I think it's better gear than about 80% of the Belgians have, though. So we're constantly 'ranting' about a Brave New Virtual World, forgetting an - estimated - 95% of the world's population? (If not more.)

Nock Forager

Maybe I can help :). But it seems that most parts are already translated?

vint falken

Nock, tell us, what is the 3D blog!!! =)

Hamlet Au

Also, Nock, what are the captions in that schematic image?

Nock Forager

3D Blog - Nothing detail mentioned on their site, I'll ask them. And captions I put it on my flickr page. -> http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2088266982/


I wish this would come to the US! I would love to try it out on a smartphone as I already do everything else on it. May as well be able to log into SL too.

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