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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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While I appreciate the posts here, and the link to Ketina's work, could you maybe say something next time as to whether or not the person's content is work-safe or not? Admittedly, the set of photos that you linked to is just fine, but as one might be expected to do, I then went into Ketina's main photo stream, and well, not exactly safe for work content.

Fortunately, I closed it off fast enough, but, a warning like "While this portion of her work is safe, her Flickr stream is NSFW" would be greatly appreciated. :)

Hamlet Au

Oh sorry, didn't notice the nudity and the doggie style snowpeople, will NSFW it...


eek sorry about that I have most restricted on there. I did fix some of the pics

JeanRicard Broek

Please stop by and view the Flicker Second Life - Best of the Best Group. The talent is amazing and the collection from 240 members now has increased to over 725 photos.


I do believe more inside SL and especially those outside should be able to see just how creative and talented the residents of Second Life are.

Thank you for highlighting their work here.

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