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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Amalthea Blanc

I'd suggest looking on flickr, in particular the SL Avatars group http://www.flickr.com/groups/sl_avatars/

Good luck, looking forward to seeing the results!

Susan Reynolds / SL Tynan Clary

I personally can't wait. oooh and can we require them to dish on where these good looks originate? :-) I'm constantly trying to find decent hair etc to suggest to men who want help and I've really got few options for them that don't look pretty much over the top on one hand or frankly ken-doll on the other.

We could use a dozen or so male role models for men who'd like a good look and run screaming from the robot, pimp, and other stereotypical avatars.

Ann Otoole

The male avatar I give away free looks pretty good. So theres no excuse for a poor look for a human avatar. The remark about the male avatar is right on. The female obj model has enough issues to indicate it was made by an amateur too. We need better avatar obj models in sl. Then the sliders would work amazing wonders. Until then your using sliders on a bad model. The fact we can get reasonably decent shapes with the bad obj models is a testament to resident determination and creative designers.

Tenshi Vielle

Catero Revolution, TR Ulysses.

Christian Scholz

There can only be me ;-)


All you need is yellow!

Cyn Vandeverre

I'll post a list soon. Meanwhile, the image with this post makes me wonder if the avatar in the green shirt is showing off flower embroidery on pale peach slacks, or is, perhaps, showing off a flower tattoo?

Rhiannon Chatnoir

Two RL dutchmen avatar's come to mind: Menno Ophelia (http://www.flickr.com/photos/menno-ophelia/1005607242/) & Frans Charming. Both have different styles, but their overall look is always well thought out, maybe it is the Euro outlook they have.

There are also a few good flickr photo pools to check out in search of worthy male avatar models:

The Second Life Suicide Boys pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/448128@N22/pool/

SL Pretty Boys pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sl_pretty_boys/pool/

From there I think you will have more than enough inspiration on where to look for models ;)


What they said about flickr groups... and my darling partner Scarlotti has my vote. *grin*


Well, my avatar has INNER BEAUTY. So there.


a short cut to find good looking male av's - search the various sl photo groups... there are some stunning guys in there and most are named so you can contact them to compliment them on their gorgeousness... ;-)

Ross Daniels

I'm fucking gorgeous. FACT.

moo Money

I vote for Stephen Bentham. He's a total male fashionista.

Cristiano Midnight also looks fantastic.

Noirran Marx

Mopsa Soon
Frederic Prevost
Luc Pomeray

Hamlet Au

OMFG Iris, it's raining men (hallelujah)!

Christian Scholz / Tao Takashi

I hope it's also raining more men's clothes etc. someday ;-)


Menno Ophelia (I second that nomination? haha)
Vasean Talamasca - http://www.flickr.com/photos/7687429@N07/


Nexeus Fatale is a very attractive man.


Plianthro Wylie

I'd just be happy to find some decent skins/shapes/eyes.

I've been searching high and low for a good combination and have been failing rather miserably I think.

I spent 4-6 hours on my current look and I'm still not satisfied.

And no, I'm not opposed to spending lindens!

thaumata strangelove


menno ophelia
sylar fashionista boyd
(how is he not listed yet?? ahaha)
dharuna dabu
verbatim timeless
balejack horton

some of them are more social or fasion conscious than others, but all of them are VERY very easy on the eyes. (and nice, too!)

Genna Gray

Ooh! Good idea to give the men in our SLives some props for taking time and effort to look decent and even change their clothes every once in a while. I nominate two friends who are not only attractive and have good fashion sense, but are also super sweet as well.

Genna Gray

/me hit the enter button because she is not fully awake yet and forgot to put the names. *smacks forehead*

Steve Hansen
Davey Hullabaloo

Xia Xevious

LOL! I won't tell you about my men cuz I'm afraid you might steal my men. :P

Arlan Catteneo

You can certainly consider me. I have put a lot of effort into looking nice, and I use my wife's advice as the standard! Look me up in-world and I can give you some pictures or meet avatar-to-avatar.

Lindee Loon

Arlan,change wives mate.

I reccomend...

Dpende Control and Liquid Zidane.


Menno Ophelia
Vasean Talamasca
Sylar Boyd
Catero Revolution
Stephen Bentham
Liquid Zidane
Kriss Lehmann (male avatar... obviously.)
Siryn Rosse
Charron Marseille
Luthien Moreau

Some of my personal favourites... and 10 of the hottest men around in SL!

Garth Goode

Of course I should be considered for the top ten. :)


I know some have been reference already,but this is my list.

Ben Vanguard
Catero Revolution
DayDreamer Langway
Donovan Brennen
Dpende Control
Kaejo DaSilva
Kriss Lehmann
Liquid Zidane
Lost Thereian
Stephen Bentham
Steve Hansen
Sylar Boyd
Vasean Talamasca
Zabitan Assia

Fury Stapleton

I'll vote for my pal Bo Hera....his avi is based on his rl looks...omg...lol...you can see him in my friends set on my page


Mahina Goodnight

I vote for Denzel Babii, he iz sexy n hawt!


Hmm...a few that I've met:

Jayden Faulds
Elmo Nyle

They're so few and far between sometimes it seems. One of the things that I look for most is shoes - if they can't be bothered to get a good pair of prim shoes, then they aren't caring enough about their appearance. Beyond that, a good skin, and a shape that not 7 feet tall and maxed on muscles is always a plus.

Phoenixa Sol

I agree Rosmairta, Scarlotti Pimpernel belongs on this list!

Hansode Miasma
Porta Fosse

There, now the list so far is looking more complete. ^_^


Well a short list, myself included, but hopefully it will aid in your search.

Vasean Talamasca
Crescenzo Infinity
Raul Crimson
Luc Carver
Ilian Garrigus
Pier Temple

Caliah Lyon

Ben Vanguard
Daydreamer Langway
Kriss Lehmann (his male, human avie :P)
Stephen Bentham
Sylar Boyd
Pier Tempel
Vasean Talamasca
Zabitan Assia


Takeshi Kiama is definately the sexiest guy/model in Sl, and Catero is second hehe.

Anuhea Toshi

I have to recommend for the list:

Vex Streeter


Darien Erde
DayDreamer Langway
Kasabian Beck
Rowan Keats


Stan Rawley 100% original.

Far Away

Sirus Reiner
Damion Rockett
Vasean Talamsca
Vas Legend
Xero Escape
Lucius Obviate
Asher Lindley
Siyanoq Alacrity


Joel Eilde- the fashionisto sophisticate
Dru Bracken- explorer, builder, hobo
Daizy Dumpling (formerly known as Cupid Boram)- insane, but very pretty!

Just a few friends, each with their own avatar philosphy and unique style but all very good looking IMHO. I've never had too much trouble finding attractive male avatars in world- maybe it helps to hang out with both fashion addicts and the SL hobos alike?


Good luck everyone!
If you can read this - you are alive :) Do something good today!

Frederic Prevost

I was putting my name in google, and I found this article!

If anyone thinks that the avatar's looks is something to do with their RL aesthetic.. I guess I'm totally, completely 100% the creation of SL.

Fred's typist created solely based on one's own artistic and aesthetic reasoning.

Frederic's avatar has nothing to do with his typist's physical appearance in RL nor based on any character rendered by anyone.

Frederic is not a rendering of RL human ever existed.

Frederic wants to be seductive. That is all.


Frans Charming. ;P

Stein Shilova

Joel Eilde & Draco Tatsu are my choices.

Joel cuz he's purdy and he is the mot put-together male avie I've seen.

Draco Tatsu because he looks like a real live man, not a boy. Prolly the best male face I've seen.

SerenityVal Alcott

There's the link to the SL Hunks group..
I personally ADORE my boyfriend, Han Milner. He is in my flickr stream. His look is more realistic but oh so yummy.


подскажети сайт про маркетинг, спасибо



The images were released to celebrate the arrival on Monday of Emma Tallulah, the couple's third daughter.

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